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Declutter: Eyes


It’s time for part three of my declutter, today we will be focused on all of the eye products that are leaving my makeup collection. I will also be doing this post a little different, I have a ton of eye stuff so instead of showing it all off, I’m just going to be showing and talking about the things that I am getting rid of, so let’s talk eyes.


The first thing that is going in the eye drawer is the Lorac Behind The Scenes Primer, I know, I used this all the time but I don’t love this, so I’m just trying to get through the current sample I am using so I can finally get to a primer that I love again. Clinique High Impact Mascara, is something that I’ve tried a ton of times but I just don’t like and somehow I have acquired a full size of this product that just needs to move along. Lottie London #Lashgoals Mascara, I just don’t really like this line of products as a whole based on what I’ve tried but I really don’t like this mascara, it’s weirdly shaped, makes my lashes clump together and is a lot more wet of a formula than I like. NYX Pigment in Diamond, I bought this when I was really excited about glitters and pigments and everything, but now I’m just not sure that I would ever wear this so this one is just going to go to new home.  Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara, I think that’s what this mascara sample is and if not, either way, it’s going out of my stash and maybe into someone else’s. Up next is a Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick, I’m honestly not sure what shade this is but it’s a purple shade that is super pretty but just isn’t something that I see myself ever using, so it’s going right on out of the stash. And the last thing is the Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner, I love liner but I have a liner that I am loving more than anything, so I’m not really in the mood to try out new ones and since this came in a sample pack I feel way less bad about passing this one along for someone else to enjoy.

And those are all of the eye things that are leaving me, it feels good to be getting rid seven items, though I do kind of wish it was a couple more, who knows, maybe I’ll do this some time again in the new year and really go through and get rid of all the things I don’t use and just won’t ever use, we’ll see. Right now, I have Blogmas to worry about and need to get through that before I can start another declutter. So, for now, this short little series will have to do you.

What do you do with your decluttered products?


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