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Battle: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance vs. Makeup Geek Singles

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It’s that fantastic time of the month again, the time where I talk about product dupes, I really love doing these because it’s always nice to know if you can get a product for less or if it’s just not worth it. Last month was all about blushes and this month is about eyeshadow, I’ll be putting Modern Renaissance up against some Makeup Geek shades. I was inspired by this photo that I saw on Pinterest, which I did not do all of the shades as I just wanted to do this shades that I already owned, so today we will be talking about five of the shades. If you guys are really interested in seeing more dupes from the Modern Renaissance I might do the rest sometime in the future, but for now, I’m doing five, so let’s get into it.

PSX_20171109_233102.jpgThe five shades that I will be duping today are Vermeer vs Shimma Shimma, Buon Fresco vs Petal Pusher, Love Letter vs Bitten, Raw Sienna vs Tiki Hut and Realgar vs Morroco. The Modern Renaissance palette will run you $42.00 and Makeup Geek singles will run you $6.00 a piece. In the long run, Makeup Geek singles will probably cost you more in the long run but if you are looking for specific shades then I think this is a great way to do it.

I think I’m going to start by talking formula, both of these products are fantastic and are some of my favorite formulas, but when it comes down to it I do not think these two are dupes in terms of formula. The Anastasia formula is a lot softer and more buttery, both are super easy to work with and very pigmented, I just think the Anastasia formula is a little bit softer and I prefer it the slightest bit more, both are fantastic though.

PSX_20171109_233122.jpgNow, let’s talk about straight up color dupes, we’re going to go from top to bottom, starting with Vermeer vs Shimma Shimma, and if I’m being honest up swatching these two these look identical, I can barely tell the difference and I think these two are true dupes. Shimma Shimma is on the left and Vermeer on the right. Next is Buon Fresco vs Petal Pusher, this isn’t the shade that they suggested but I thought this one would be pretty close and I was right, these two aren’t exact but they are pretty close. Petal Pusher is on the left and Buon Fresco the right. Love Letter vs Bitten, I didn’t think these two were going to be dupes and I was right about this one, these two aren’t even close, Bitten is much darker and more leans more brown then love letter, which is a really pretty straight up berry red shade. Bitten is on the left and Love Letter the right. Raw Sienna vs Tiki Hut, this one is close but not quite there, I would say that you wouldn’t need to own both of these but they are very close. And the last one, Realgar and Morocco, I don’t think I would consider these two dupes, I think Morocco is much brighter and not quite as pigmented. Morocco is on the left and Realgar on the right. Overall, I think there are some hits in this little group and some misses for sure, but sometimes dupes don’t always work out.

Now, the final thing I did was use each set of shadows to do an eye so we can compare, can you guess which side is which? The left eye is the Modern Renaissance and the right is the Makeup Geek shadows, I think once applied to the eye these shades look pretty similar, the only ones I didn’t use to create this look are Petal Pusher and Buon Fresco. I think the biggest surprise to me is Vermeer and Shimma Shimma, while they both look nearly the same, I think the Anastasia one really applied better to the eye. Otherwise, I think these eyes actually look really similar, what do you think?

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results and would say that a few of these are pretty much dupes for sure.

What do you guys think?


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