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Worth The Splurge!

ProductsWorth The Splurge

This post started out with me wanting to talk about all of the products that I thought were worth the splurge, however, this just ended up being makeup products, which I think is fine. The journey to get here was a little bit of me being conflicted, I’m too indecisive when it comes to everything that I was looking through my makeup and picking out products, which ended up with me picking out too many things and having to put things away. I think I settled on a fair amount of my favorite more splurge worth items, so let’s talk about them.


Mac Prep & Prime Fix+ – $25.00 – 3.4oz – This probably isn’t the most expensive thing on this list but this is a little bit splurgy for a setting spray, however, I think it’s worth it. I’ve tried quite a few different setting sprays at this point and I think this is hands down the best one so far, it just really gets rid of that powdery look to the skin, settles in perfect and just makes my makeup last longer.

Benefit The Porefessional Primer – $31.00 – 0.75oz – This stuff is probably my favorite primer that I’ve ever tried, it does a really good job at filling in the pores on my face and making my face look flawless on its own or underneath any makeup I’ve used. I also don’t find that this breaks me out or irritates my skin, which is always a great bonus. All around this is a fantastic primer.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – $27.00 – 0.33oz – I’m sure you’ve heard all kinds of good things about this concealer already, this one seems to have a cult following and I can understand why this concealer is really fantastic. I think a little goes a long way with this concealer, which is part of the reason why the price tag doesn’t sting too much, I’ve had mine since the beginning of the year and I’m not sure I’ve made a dent in it yet even. This concealer is very thick but blendable and really brightens up the under eye area, so I’m a really big fan of this one.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – $39.00 – 1.0oz – This foundation is pretty averagely priced for the higher end side of foundations, but it’s still splurgy if you ask me. This foundation is fantastic though, it has a full coverage to it but it barely feels like anything on the skin, which is a great thing in my book. I don’t love feeling like I’m wearing a ton of makeup and this doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing a ton. This is completely worth the splurge if you ask me.


Laura Geller Baked Gelator Siwrl Illuminator in Gilded Honey – $26.00- 0.16oz – Another product that I think is a cult favorite and I can completely understand why this is such a stunning highlighter, it’s not too blinding of a highlight but it’s also kind of soft at the same time, it’s really pretty. It’s a warm shade and I’ve used it quite a bit it doesn’t even appear to have a dent in it.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow – $24.00 – 0.153oz – I have the shade Kitten Karma featured in this post, but I also have a couple of others and they are all really fantastic. These are probably my favorite liquid eyeshadows I’ve ever used, these are great glitters, super pretty and just really nice.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance – $20.00 – 0.35oz – This is my favorite eyeshadow primer ever, this is hands down the best primer I have tried, not that I’ve tried a ton of them but anytime I stray from this one I get disappointed, nothing is as good as this one. I am currently using the Lorac behind the scenes primer, but that’s because I want to use it up and not waste it, so this primer is still top dog if you ask me.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush – $26.00 – 0.21oz – The shade I have featured in this post is in Baby Love but I currently own three of these and love them all! Baby love is my favorite though, it’s a really great shade that is so easy to wear and goes with any makeup look I might do. But, the real reason to love these is how nicely they build up and how long they wear, these can be built up little by little so you can have exactly what you’re looking for in terms of pigmentation. These are also some of the cutest blushes I’ve ever seen, from the heart outside to the cute imprint in the powder, they are just adorable!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – $24.00 – 0.3oz – I’ve never been a high-end mascara kind of girl, I always thought they were overpriced and not worth it, but due to the 21 days of beauty this year I had the chance to try out a few higher end mascaras for half the price and this one just blew me out of the water. I never thought I would be willing to pay $24.00 for a mascara but I think this one is worth it, my lashes don’t clump together, this really helps hold the curl in my lashes and it’s not too wet of a formula, it might be the perfect mascara if you ask me.


Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita – $28.00 – 0.12oz – This shade is the perfect shade, it’s just the right my lips but better shade. This has a fantastic formula to it as well, it’s sheer, it’s very moisturizing, it’s just the perfect lipstick. I don’t really have anything more to say about it.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – $24.00 – 0.15oz –  For a lip balm this is so expensive, but this is my favorite lip balm, I’ve tried some of the colors as well and those are fantastic too, but the plain jane is my all time favorite. This does wonders for my lips and this will be the first time I use this during a real winter, but I’m sure it will continue to keep my lips moisturized. The other fantastic thing about this is the smell, it smells citrusy and delightful, not in a fake way at all. And the lid twists on and off, which is handy when you just throw this in the bag.

Lancome Juicy Shaker – $22.00 – 0.3oz – This has probably been my best random impulse purchase that I’ve gotten, I just picked one up about a month ago and have fallen in love, I use this pretty much every day and I really want to pick up another one. These are super moisturizing, smell amazing and are really easy to apply to the lips in a hurry, which is just perfect for me. This also is a super cute and interesting packaging I think.

And these are all of the products that I think are worth the splurge, looking back on the items that I’ve picked out this is basically just like a holy grail list, if I were to pick out products that I just had to have these would all be on that list.

What products do you think are worth the splurge?


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