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Review: Okalan Earth Eyeshadow Palette


I’ve been eyeing the Lime Crime Venus 2 palette for a little while now, so when I came across this clear dupe on the shop hush website I had to pick it up and try it out. I’ve always been curious about this one but was never able to bite the bullet because of the colors, they all look like colors I would enjoy using but I wasn’t sure how they would work together so I’m happy to get to test out this affordable dupe.

PSX_20170928_165352This is the Okalan Earth Eyeshadow Palette, I purchased mine on the Shop Hush website for $8.00, which I personally thought was a steal.

Now, to talk about the packaging, the packaging isn’t a dupe at all, although the names are, they weren’t subtle at all when it came to that because these all have the exact same names as the Venus 2 palette. Anyway, the packaging of this isn’t my all-time favorite because it is very big and bulky, so it really wastes a lot of space but I can deal with it, it just wouldn’t be the packaging that I chose for an eyeshadow palette.

The shades in this one are so pretty, it looks like a bunch of really fun fall colors and a random light blue. The thing about this palette is I don’t think the colors look like they flow together particularly well, but once I started playing with them I had a much easier time realizing that these actually work pretty well together and you can create some really interesting looks with this palette.

PSX_20170928_165431I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of pigmentation and formula of these eyeshadows asI’ve never tried the Venus 2 palette and this was a really cheap dupe, but I will say this, these really surprised me. I don’t think I would say these are the best eyeshadows I’ve ever used but they are rather nice, especially considering the price I paid. These are fairly pigmented as a whole and really blend well together to make a really nice eyeshadow look.

The swatches on the left from top to bottom are Pigeon Filter, Marsh, Mustard, Fly, Jam, Mud, and Boot. My favorites are probably Pigeon, Mustard, and Filter. I don’t think they would go great together but I just really like those shades the most.  Now, let me show you a look that I have created using these eyeshadows.

When I started to put together this look I wasn’t really sure where I was going or what I was going to use, but I played around and this is the look that I came up with. I used Mustard, Fly, and Marsh to put this look together, a pretty simple combination that I think ended up looking really good. I think there are so many other fun combinations and looks waiting in this palette and I am super excited to play with it some more.

What combos would you do with this palette?


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