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October 2017 Nail Wrap Up

October Nail Wrap Up

It’s time for another nail wrap up post, this month I have five nail looks to show you, the same amount as last month. I’m always hoping to do more than the last month, but I think at some point that is going to be impossible unless I am constantly changing and painting my nails, so I think I’m happy with showing off five different colors/designs. I would like to do more in the next couple of months but we will have to wait and see how that goes. For now, let’s talk about all of the fun nails from October.


This past month started out with one of the most stunning shades that I’ve ever seen and that I had to hunt down on eBay, that is OPI Sugarplum Yum. The story of this one is that I kept seeing it on Instagram and kept drooling over it, but found out that it’s about ten to twelve years old, still wanting to have it I purchased it on eBay for way too much money for a nail polish but this is a stunning shade so, worth it. This shade went one really well, looks good and lasted pretty well, the only downfall is that since it is so old it smells awful and is probably going to kill me, but pretty, so it’s alright.


It’s time for some fall shades, most of which I picked up recently as I didn’t really feel like I had a lot of deeper colors that I enjoyed. So, this is the shade Baroque Jungle from China Glaze. This is a stunning dark green color that I wore with only one coat, I love one coaters and this is for sure one.


Another China Glaze polish, this one is in the shade Royal Pain in the Ascot. This one is another one coater, which is something that I truly adore, it makes for an amazingly quick nail polish application and sometimes that’s what I’m looking for. Actually, I’m always looking for that, if all polishes were this easy I’d probably change up my color twice a week. I love this shade and I think it is a perfect shade for the fall time.


This is a stunning shade of pink that I think would be a gorgeous shade to wear all year, this is OPI Aurora Berry-Alis. This did not last as long as I would have wanted it to though, it started chipping a couple of days after I put it on, not the worst formula ever but not the best either. I’m okay with it though because I really don’t expect to wear my nail polish for very long ever hardly, so it did it’s job and looked really nice on the nails.


This is almost a repeat of my wedding trial nails but it is the slightest bit different and I’m including it either way. The difference is that there are no tips this time and this is my first nail shot where I’m wearing my wedding ring instead of my engagement ring. These were so pretty and I’m really happy with them, a little bit of sparkle while also being simple.

And those are all of the nail looks that I wore during the month of October, nothing extraordinary but nothing too little either, a good mix of things. All of which I am very happy about and enjoyed wearing on my nails.

What color did you rock during October?


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