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Why October 2017 Was Awesome + Goals

Why OctoberWas Awesome

I can’t believe that October is over, I feel like I blinked and there went October, it has been one of the quicker months this year. Also, Happy Halloween. I really debated doing a Halloween themed post today, but if I’m being honest, I’m not really the biggest Halloween fan and haven’t done anything up until this point, so I figured why do anything Halloween related now. Let’s talk about this month.

This month went by so quickly it seems, which I am surprised about just due to the fact that multiple times this month I have said that this was the longest day ever at work so you would think to have so many days like this the month would go by slowly, but it didn’t. I will say, not a whole lot of eventful things went down during the month of October, not until the last week-ish at least.

Work has been pretty boring, the weather has been very middle of the road, which in an A/C place means not a whole lot going on this month, I’m sure that’s about to change as the weather changes and starts getting cooler.

Something else I did this month was trying to sell to thredup, it seemed really fun, easy and like I didn’t have to leave my house so I was up for giving it a shot. I did not like it, was not happy with my personal experience with it and if I’m being honest wouldn’t really recommend it, especially since if you want cash you have to wait two weeks for payout which seems like a bit much to me. Maybe I’m just grumpy but it was not a good time if you ask me.

Another thing that happened this month was that I was on the Stitchfix review blog thing, which I personally think was super exciting and I was really happy.

And now, of course, the obvious thing if you read my blog post on Saturday, I got married! Which is pretty cool and was fun, but I’m kind of glad it’s over. I’ll probably post a post with a bunch of photos and things in it once I get the photos back, or at least some of them if you guys would be interested in it as well. Really, I’m probably going to do it, either way, I’m just curious if you guys are interested.

And now to talk about some goals, starting with the goals that I set for myself last month, starting with Driving More, which I did not do. I don’t think there is anything more to say about that other then I suck at that. Read Five Books, is something I didn’t do either but I got close, I read four books this month and as of this moment, I think I am on track. Lose Five Pounds, didn’t do this either, oh well? Getting Back To Working Out is something that I’ve done this month, not quite as much as I wanted to but I’m still counting it as a win. Not quite at six but probably at five, which is pretty good I think. Decluttering was something that I worked on and did a pretty good job at, I decluttered so much but I also still feel like I could keep going, we’ll see how it goes. No Buy, I didn’t do well at this but I knew I wouldn’t, it was more like a low buy and I’m okay with that as that was kind of what I was expecting to do. Relaxing, nope, didn’t do this one super well but maybe November will be the month for this?

Get Ahead Of My Reading Challenge – I would really love to not only keep up with my challenge but really get ahead a book or two in the month of November, it seems like a long shot but it’s something that I want to do.

Get Ready For Blogmas -Simple enough but something I really want to have the wheels in motion of writing posts by the second week of November, hopefully, we’ll see how that goes.

Working Out – Once again I would like to get back to going six days a week, especially since we are entering Holiday season and this is something that I would really love to get back to and keep up with.

Beat October Views – October has been my busiest month so far, I got over 1,000 views for the very first time and it’s mostly due to the stitch fix post I posted a little bit back, but either way so far this year I have beaten the previous months on views and I’m hoping to do the same in November.

How was your October?


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Why October 2017 Was AWesome


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