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J + N

J + N

The post I have planned for today is a lot more personal, I could have just posted a review or something like that today, but I felt that today was special and that I wanted to write something that I could look back on and enjoy. Today I am getting married, so I’ve decided to share a little bit of the story that is J and N.

We met online three years ago and some change, I honestly don’t remember the exact day but I believe it was sometime in May of 2014. It started off with a chat here and there which turned into weekly skype chats, then, during October of the same year I was going to Virginia to visit my family and asked if he wanted to drive up and meet me, which of course he did, as you could probably assume seeing as we are getting married. I was nervous but excited. What we consider our first date because the first two days we hung out my family was around, was going to Chick-Fil-A, eatings nuggets in his car and then driving around and singing along to Disney songs. Looking back now, I’m not sure how I didn’t recognize how perfect we were together from that encounter alone, but I didn’t quite yet and I’m not really sure when I realized I was.

After a few days in Virginia, we had to part ways, I was headed back to Florida and he was headed back to southern Virginia, unsure of when we were going to see each other again. It wasn’t too long before we saw each other again as he came down to visit in January of 2015. We had a blast on that trip I think, we hung out, wandered around Orlando a little bit, had some great food and even went to the zoo but alas, that trip had to come to an end as well and once again unsure of when we would see each other again, at least he was as I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve.

I wanted to surprise him for his birthday in April, so with the help of his parents I flew up to surprise him, but somehow he kind of knew but he didn’t ruin the surprise. I think he was excited to see me either way and the next few days we spent hanging out and doing things in the middle of nowhere Virginia, but it was fun. Like everything up until this point, this also had to come to an end and neither of us was sure about when the next visit would be.

The year of 2015 ended up being the year I was on a plane a lot, I visited in April, June, July, September, and November. J visited in the month of October, so for being long distance, we saw each other pretty often, especially considering I lived in Florida and he lived in Virginia, which isn’t the biggest difference ever but it’s not two hours away either. We were lucky to have gotten to see each other so often, but with every visit, every goodbye got harder.


My last visit was in the month of January 2016, well it was December of 2015 and January of 2016, but anyway during that final visit was when I really settled that I was moving and that I was going to move at the end of February or start of March, which I am sure it seems sudden but it was something that had been on my mind for a little while and I finally decided that I didn’t like saying goodbye and I didn’t have to, so the plan was moving to Virginia.

The middle of February rolled around and J came down to help me with anything I might need help with, which really wasn’t that much as I didn’t really have that much to pack seeing as I was bringing like no furniture with me to my new home. While on this trip we did what we always do pretty much, hung out, explored and enjoyed being together. Before I officially moved he also proposed to me, the answer should be clear if you’re reading this post.

So, I moved to Virginia at the very end of February 2016, with my cat and my at the time Fiancee. We started planning a wedding and here we are, getting married today and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve lived together for a year and a half now and it was a great decision to move here.


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