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Review: Too Faced Sketch Markers

Too FacedSketch MarkersReview

It’s time for a review, this one is almost like a mass review but also not. What I mean by that is that I am reviewing four of the sketch markers, so all of the products in this post are going to be the same but the colors are different. I am excited about these and think these are super fun, already kind of regretting not picking up more, which I guess says something about these before I even start the review. Anyway, let’s get into talking about these eyeliners.

PSX_20170911_211926These are the Too Faced Sketch Marker Liquid Eyeliner, these will run you $20.00 per eyeliner, they come in twelve different shades and have .015oz of product in them, which really doesn’t seem like that much but seems about right for an eyeliner. I personally picked mine up during the Ulta 21 days of beauty sale, which means I got them for half off which was a steal if you ask me. I picked up the shades Smokey Emerald, Deep Navy Blue, Deep Lilac and Pure White. My interest in these really started because I really wanted to try and play with a white eyeliner and these were a good sale, so it seemed like a great time to jump on them, especially because it seems like everyone enjoys these.

PSX_20170911_212057I love the look of these, I love everything about the packaging and appearance of the eyeliner, I love that they match the color that’s inside, I love the font and gold writing on them and the fact that they look like super cute markers. This is a really great idea for eyeliners and visually I am really happy with them.

These are pretty standard liquid eyeliners, they are felt tip and that’s pretty standard for this type of liner. Felt tip is not my favorite eyeliner application but it’s probably my second. These felt tips aren’t the most flexible but they aren’t completely hard either, I think they are still really easy to work with but aren’t the most comfortable of all eyeliners to use. You can easily create a fine line or a thicker line easily, I think you could even get a little bit funky with it and do something more intricate.

PSX_20170911_212311Let’s talk about the formula of these, I’ve used all of these now and enjoyed them. I had a little bit of trouble with the white one not being as pigmented over eyeshadow as I would like, but I did end up making it work. The other three shades are super easy to work with, very pigmented and look really nice, the white just requires a little bit of work which isn’t too surprising considering it’s white and that seems like something that would take a little more to build up.

Now, for the swatches, I’m sure it’s obvious but we will go from top to bottom. The top is Pure White, next is Deep Lilac, Smokey Emerald, and Deep Navy Blue.

I really like these eyeliners, I think they are really cute, I think they come in a bunch of fun colors, are pretty decently priced. I do wish that the tip was a little bit more flexible but it’s not anything you can’t work with, it would just be a little bit easier.

What’s your all time favorite eyeliner?


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