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Fall 2017 Nail Polish Picks

Fall Nail Polish Picks

Yesterday it was makeup and today I have decided to focus on nails, nail polish is probably my second favorite thing after makeup, I love the stuff and always have my nails painted. It might seem a little bit crazy but I just don’t ever completely feel like myself with bare nails. I did one of these for the summer months and figured I should do one for the fall season, I might even do one for winter but I’m not sure yet. Anyway, let’s get into talking about nail polish!


1. Revlon Colorstay Heartbreaker – I don’t think this is the exact same as the one in the picture, as the one in the picture is very old, but I think this color looks like almost the same shade which is why it’s here. I love this shade, it’s a really dark purple that looks almost black on the nails, which I really like and think is pretty interesting.

2. Zoya Avery – Zoya is one of my favorite brands and this is one of my favorite polishes, I think that this polish color is perfect for any season but for some reason I find myself wearing this shade a lot more in the fall and springtime. This is just a really easy nail polish to wear, it’s a nude, it’s the perfect nude for me and I just love this polish.

3. China Glaze Baroque Jungle – I just recently wore this polish and fell in love after applying the first coat to the first nails, this is a one coater nail polish which I don’t have a ton of but love so much as I am lazy and that means I don’t have to wait quite as long as I would normally. This is a deep teal kind of shade that is stunning and I just really love it, especially for the fall time.

4. Wet N Wild Echo Dark – Another really dark, almost black shade, this is a true navy and I love that. I do wish that it wasn’t matte but I can apply a top coat so it’s not that serious, I just prefer glossy over matte most of the time. I wish this wasn’t limited edition because this is such a pretty shade, it is a little bit hard to work with but nothing too difficult.

5. OPI Reykjavik Has All The Hot Spots – This is new and this shade almost looks like a spring shade but it’s a fall one and I really enjoy it, it’s a softer more muted metallic pink shade, it applies like a dream and is really pretty.

6. Maybelline Color Show Avante Green – This is a limited edition shade from I’m not even sure when, but it’s a color that I love, it’s a really interesting shade that I love. I’m not that big of a green shade kind of person, but this is metallic, has a little of a gold shift to it and is a fantastic fall green.

7. ILNP Black Orchid – The last polish, another pretty dark one that almost looks black but isn’t, it’s a deep dark red with a lot of shimmer in it, I really like it and think it’s pretty interesting.

And those are all of my fall nail polish picks, I think it’s a well-rounded selection of shades of polish, have a little matte, a little shimmer, some color and some neutral. A variety of brands and all polishes that I love.

What are your top nail polish picks?


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