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Review: Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Eye Palette in Plum

Kat Von DShade + Light EyeContour Quad-Plums-

It is time for another eyeshadow palette review, last week we did the In Your Element Earth Palette From NYX, which had lots of choices and was stunning and this week I will be talking about a palette that has less options but is also very stunning and that is the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plums so let’s get into this review.

PSX_20170911_215002Let’s start with the packaging, it’s pointless as you can see it for yourself, but I like to still. I think this packaging feels fine, it doesn’t feel like anything super fancy or nice but it doesn’t feel like garbage quality either. I personally am not a huge fan of the design, it’s just not my personal style but luckily the packaging isn’t that important.

PSX_20170911_215035When you open it up it’s very simple and straightforward, which is something that I personally enjoy as I don’t really understand when eyeshadow palettes take up a lot of space, are laid out strangely or are too busy.

I love these shades, I don’t have a whole lot of purples or pink shades in my collection, strangely enough, so this is a fantastic addition to my collection. You can’t really come up with a ton of different looks using this palette, seeing as it has for shades so it is a little bit limited, however, you could create a few different looks still, they just might all look somewhat similar.

Now let’s talk about the formula of this a little bit, I know a lot of people love Kat Von D mattes and now I can understand why. These are some of the softer, most blendable and pigmented eyeshadows I could ever want to wear. It’s really impressive and I can completely understand why everyone loves them.

PSX_20170911_215130There are four shades here and I can’t say that any of them are duds, they all are really pretty and they go really amazingly well together, as one would expect from a quad. These also lasted a pretty long time on the eye, I did use eyeshadow primer but I feel like most people use some sort of primer at this point so that’s not too big of a deal to say that they lasted a while with primer. These blended really easily and overall I just got a really nice look out of the quad and think that it’s a great formula.

Now, to talk about the swatches, these don’t have names and I think on the back these have what they should be used for, but I do not have that on hand and am too lazy to go get, so I’m just going to say that these are swatched in the same order as the photo above. If I wanted to make any complaints about the shades I might say that the middle two shades are pretty close in color but they aren’t that similar, one is much darker than the other. I thought I was going to hate the lightest shade but for me personally, it was a really nice highlight shade as it didn’t look that purple or stark on my skin, but I could see some deeper skin tones having some problems with it as a highlight.

This is the look that I came up with using this palette, really basic and using the shades exactly where they are supposed to be I believe. I used the biggest shade all over the lid, the second darkest in the crease, the darkest on the outer v and the lightest as a highlight. I think it looked pretty nice and I was really happy with the results.

As a whole I am very happy with this palette and am kind of debating picking up another shade, it’s just that good, but I’m not sure just because I already have too much stuff as it is. Then again, I might be a little bit of a makeup hoarder. Anyway, this is a really great palette, very travel friend, the formula is pretty flawless and I just really like this.

Have you ever tried these? What do you think of these?


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Kat Von DShade + LightContour QuadPlum Review


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