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Fall Anti Haul

Fall Anti-Haul

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these, in fact, I’ve only done one of these so far and that was all the way back in the month of may, so I felt that it was time to do another and what better time than now, when all of the holiday sets and palettes are being released. This one is going to be a little bigger than my last anti haul but nothing too big, mostly eyeshadow palettes too, not sure why but that is a thing. Let’s jump in!


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eyeshadow Palette – $42 – I will not be purchasing this, not sure if it’s because I was not super happy with the subculture palette or if it’s just because these colors aren’t really shades I’m interested in, but I’m not interested. It’s probably a combination of both, either way, this is not on my radar.

2. Morphe Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette – $38 – This is a little bit of an older one but it’s on that I still find a lot of people are talking about, I’m just not interested though. I don’t think Morphe shadows are that great, at least the ones I’ve tried and this color palette just doesn’t wow me or impress me at all.

3. Lorac Mega Pro 4 – $59 – This is currently on sale at Ulta but still I am not excited about it, I haven’t had a lot of interests in the mega pros except for the first one, which I never picked up but even I have to admit was a beautiful palette from the swatches I see. And while I love Lorac shadows and think they make really great shadows, these shades just don’t interest me. I do enjoy that the packaging is pink though.

4. Urban Decay Naked Heat – $54 – Another slightly older release but something that I am still not interested in. I have read nothing but good reviews for this palette and it looks very stunning, but I already have a warm-toned palette and a lot of these shades just look the same to me. I still have not purchased a naked palette and this is not going to be the one that I purchase either.

5. Too Faced Matte Chocolate Chip – $26 – I will not be purchasing either of the chocolate chip palettes, I haven’t really heard anything good about either of them and these seem pretty small. I know there are better all matte shadow palettes out there so I’m not too upset about it, this one is cute though.

6. Too Faced Pretty Little Planner – $42 – Not just this palette but pretty much all of the Too Faced holiday palettes are things that I will not be picking up. I just never hear anything good about Too Faced holiday palettes and as of recently haven’t been hearing many great things about the quality of their shadows as of recently, so I’m going to pass on this. Plus, these don’t really look like my favorite of all themes.

7. Too Faced Unicorn Survival Kit – $26 – The one thing on this list that isn’t a palette and I know it seems like I’m against Too Faced, I’m really not although they aren’t one of my favorite brands either. Anyway, this kit is just something that I would not wear or use, though the highlighter does intrigue me a tiny little bit at the same time this is a bit too out there and gimmicky, even for me.

8. Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette – $59 – The Fenty beauty range has piqued my interest but this palette doesn’t, really the entire line doesn’t. The packaging looks stunning but the shades just aren’t my cup of tea with this one.

9. Saint And Sinner Palette – $62 – I’m not excited about anything to do with this, other than the fact that I recently tried Kat Von D eyeshadows and they are amazingly soft, so I’m sure the formula in this is great. But, I think the price is a tiny bit steep, I had the packaging and the layout of the shadows. Visually this just hurts my eyes to look at.

10. Too Faced Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette – $45 – I hate everything to do with the peachy things and Too Faced at this point, this looks like a really nice and pretty palette but I can’t get myself into this because they’ve run this idea into the ground and it rubs me the wrong way, so I probably won’t be getting anything from this range.

And that’s everything that I won’t be purchasing this fall season, I have nothing against eyeshadow palettes, in fact, I love them but I think I’ve purchased so many as of recently that I’m more interested in other types of holiday giftsets. I’m really eyeing those Buxom giftsets, but I’m not sure.

What’s on your Anti-Haul list?


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