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Fall 2017 Makeup Wishlist!

Fall MakeupWishlist

I am on a no buy right now so doing this post is really helping with that, it’s like window shopping, which can be satisfying as well, though never quite as good as actual shopping.  So, I guess I’m just going to share some of the things that I’ve been looking at, debating drooling over, etc. and talk just a bit about them. Let’s dive on into my wishlist for the fall season.


1. Tarte Blush Bliss Blush Palette – $39 – I am pretty sure Tarte is one of my favorite brands, I’m not sure when or how it happened and it’s not overwhelmingly obvious, but I just know Tarte products are great and I own a ton. So, naturally, I want this. Plus, I feel like everyone talks about how amazing their holiday blush palettes are and I’ve never picked one up, so I’m hoping to grab this one sometime this season.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit – $40 – I’ve always wanted a glow kit, I love highlighters and everyone talks about them like they are top dog, but I’ve never tried one. I really wanted to sweets one but I never pulled the trigger on it, not quite sure why. However, they have brought this one out recently and it seems to be about half of two different glow kits and has some of the shades from the sweets kit, so I’m itching to get my hands on these.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria – $34 – This is an expensive lipstick but a lipstick that everyone seems to love, and a brand that everyone seems to love. I just want to dip my toes in a tiny bit by trying out this lipstick, but the price tag always gets me so we’ll see if I ever actually cave to this one.

4. Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set in Trophy Wife & Muse – $25 – I’ve wanted to try Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks since before I started my liquid lipstick battle even, so it’s been a while and I still haven’t tried them out because I have so many other liquid lipsticks that I just wasn’t sure that I needed this one as well, but this set is very enticing.

5. Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal – $34 – This is new, lots of people are talking about it, but that’s normal when something new gets released. I love highlighters, these look stunning and I am super interested in trying these out.

6. Sephora Favorites Prime, Set, Go – $42 – I love Sephora Favorites sets, not all of them are amazing but when they have ones that I’m interested in it’s really exciting. These are usually great values and really great way to try out a bunch of new products. This one is all about priming and setting which is something I’m super interested in right now.

7. Bite Beauty Agave Kisses Set – $20 – I’m really interested in the brand Bite Beauty and I’m super interested in trying out their Agave Lip Mask, but the balm and sugar scrub you get in this seems like a really great bonus.

8. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Mini in Mood Exposure – $24 – I hear nothing but good things about this product, about how amazing this is and what a great shade it is. I’m interested, especially after trying one of these powders and getting to experience how soft and finely milled these powders are. This should have an amazing texture as well, at least I would think it would.


9. Cover FX Illuminating Prime & Set Kit – $29 – I really wanted to try the drops in this, I’ve always wanted to try them and this seems like a great set to out, I’d also love trying this primer and setting spray.

10.  Picture Polish in Forest – $15 – I’m majorly into nail polish again right now and really itching to try out some other brands, I want to try out some indie ones and some lesser known brands and picture polish is on this list. Plus this shade is stunning and is a really great shade for the fall season.

11. Lime Crime Perlees Lipstick in Charmed – $18 – I really want to try out some more metallic lipsticks, this one looks like a fun shade and I’m interested.

12. Stila Eye For Elegance Liquid Eyeshadow Set – $45 – I love these glitter shadows! This looks like an amazing set because it has so many options, I believe it has some shades that are exclusive and I’m probably never going to use up a full size of any of these shades so there’s no real reason to need to own a bunch of full sizes. This sounds like a great value too.

13. Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow inKitten Parade – $10 – I have a small Zpalette that I’ve been working on filling with Sugarpill shadows, which really means four total, so far I have two and I’m itching to get my hands on this one. This shade looks stunning and likes it will be a great addition to my little Sugarpill collection.

14. Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighter in Mars – $30 – Love highlighters, interested in trying more from this brand and this just looks like a super fun product.

15. Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box – $45 – I love these lip balms! I’ve always wanted to get one of these little sets because I’ve always wanted to try out all the different shades, plus I just love this lip balm and having a bunch of them sounds really cool.

16. Geek Chic Moon Prism Collector’s Tin – $67.99 – I’m never going to pick this up but that doesn’t mean that I can’t drool over this. I’m not sure that I would ever use this, but the shades look stunning, the packaging is amazing and overall I just adore the theme of this set. I love sailor moon and the idea of Sailor Moon makeup sounds like something that is right up my alley.

17. Drunk Elephant A Skin Story Vol. 2: Come C About Me – $88 – I’m so back and forth about this because I know next to nothing about skincare, but I’ve been wanting to get more into skincare and have been hearing all about this brand, so naturally I am interested in some of their sets and this is the one that is sticking out to me right now.

18. Viseart Theory Palette in Minx – $45 – This is so expensive four six shades of eyeshadow, but, I hear nothing but amazing things about this brand, everyone is obsessed with this brand and thinks that these are the best shadows. So, of course, I am interested in trying these shadows out and this is a more affordable way to get to try these out.

And those are the things that I am currently lusting after, I’m sure before all is said and done I’m going to have picked up a few of these products, but it won’t be this month and it won’t be all of them. These are just the things that have caught my eye or that I’ve been eyeing and debating for a little while now.

What’s on your fall beauty wishlist?


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Fall 2017BeautyWishlist


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