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Review: NYX In Your Element

NYX EarthPalette Review

It’s time for the second eyeshadow palette review that I have planned this month, last week I talked about the Colourpop She Palette and this week I’m going to be talking about the NYX In Your Element Earth Palette. They recently came out with six of these palettes in the line of eyeshadow palettes, all of which are based on an element, I personally have picked up two of these but today I am focusing solely on the Earth palette, so let’s just jump into this review.


This palette is a limited edition one, this palette retails for $30.00 and you get nine shade of eyeshadow that weighs a total of 0.6oz. I personally think that the price of these palettes is a bit steep, especially because these are still drugstore products, when I saw that these were coming out I expected them to be about $20 but they weren’t. I still got two and while so far I’ve enjoyed them, I still think this seems a bit steep for what it is.

I want to talk a little about the packaging on this one, it’s a tiny bit bulky but overall it’s pretty nice looking. I think the outside designs of these palettes are really pretty and all very fitting to what each is themed around. The boxes also match the outside of this palette which I think is a nice touch as well.

PSX_20170911_215838Just looking at the layout of this palette makes me pretty happy, it’s a gorgeous palette with a bunch of stunning shades in it. I think this shade range works pretty well together to come up with a bunch of different looks and I also think this looks like the perfect palette for the fall time, a lot of deeper tones and more jewel-tone shades, it’s really a great mix of color. I also think this would do great for the winter time, or anytime really, but this is a great range of shadows for the second half of the year.

Now, time to talk a little bit about the formula of this, I’m going to start by chatting about the shimmer shades. The shimmer shades are pretty nice, if I had any complaints about them as a whole I might say that they are a little bit sheer but it’s really not that big of a problem as they are easy to build up and still really quite pretty eyeshadows.

PSX_20170911_215935Now to talk a little bit about the matte shades, these matte shades are stunning, they are a tiny bit chalky to the touch but they are also extremely pigmented eyeshadows. I think the mattes in this palette are fairly easy to work with and blend out rather nicely.

So far, all of the looks I’ve done with this palette have been nice, pretty dark but still nice and were fairly easy to do. They blended nicely and were overall fairly easy to work with.

Now, to look at some of these swatches, they don’t have names but I did go in rows up and down from left to right, which hopefully makes sense. Some of my favorites so far are the second shade, fourth shade, fifth shade and the eleventh shade. All of them are fairly nice and pretty, the only two that I might have some complaints about are the sixth and seventh, which they aren’t bad it’s just that they are a little bit sheerer than the other two.

Overall, I like this palette, I’m not sure that I would have ever paid full price for this one as it does seem a little bit steep to me, but it’s a pretty palette with some very pretty darker shades and one could easily make a lot of different looks from this one palette.

Have you tried any of the other elements out?


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Review-NYX EarthPalette


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