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Battle: Nars Blush Dolce Vita vs. ELF Blush Blushing Rose

ELF Blushing Rose Vs.NARS Dolce Vita

It’s time for another dupe post, I really love doing these posts and this month we will be battling a couple of blushes. As you probably already know but the title, we will be battling the NARS Blush in Dolce Vita and ELF Blush in Blushing Rose, two very different price points but these are supposed to be dupes. Instead of talking about these let’s just jump right on into this dupe post!

PSX_20171007_143318.jpgLet’s start this post out by talking about the price difference. The NARS blush is $30.00 and contains 0.16 oz of product and the elf blush is $3.00 and contains 0.168oz of product, so the price difference between these two is pretty huge however the product is nearly the same. So, you could buy ten times as much of the elf for the same price as one of the NARS, which is a huge difference. This isn’t about price but it’s just something worth mentioning. Let’s get into really comparing these two products.

PSX_20171007_143701.jpgThis is one of those things that don’t really matter in the slightest bit when talking about if products are dupes, however, I do want to mention just because of how much these two look alike. While these aren’t identical, these do look a lot alike in the packaging. They are almost exactly the same size and if you removed the elf from the one you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when open. The elf one does feel slightly lesser quality but it’s not that big of a difference, plus it’s a little bit more glossy than the NARS, however, these are very similar looking products.

20171007_131416.jpgNow, it’s time to get into the real comparisons, how it performs and how it similar the colors really are. Let’s start with color, I don’t think these are identical in color but they are really close to being the same color, I find that the elf one is a little bit darker and leaks a little more orange-toned, whereas the NARS one is a smidge lighter and more of a true pink kind of shade, however, they are so close to being the same shade.

Now, the other thing that I noticed about these two is the pigment, I know the elf blush is supposed to be a buildable blush but it is something that I wanted to point out as it is more sheer, which there is nothing wrong because sometimes that’s how you want blushes to be, one doesn’t always need them to be super pigmented to be great.

20171007_135630.jpgUp until this point these two products probably seem like they’re going to get the dupe status, but here is why I’m not going to give them that status. Applying these two are super different, the NARS one glides on like a dream whereas the elf one does not, it takes a bit of effort to build it up and it ends up looking a little bit patchy, or at least on me it did. I worked with it and it ended up looking pretty good but the color was much less noticeable than the NARS side, at least that’s what I think. As you might be able to guess the NARS is on the side that I’m holding the blush up to and the elf on the other.

I think these products are really close to being dupes but just because of how they apply, I don’t want to call them dupes, however, I think if you’re up for working with the elf blush a little bit more then it’s really not that big of a difference and they are nearly identical.

What should I test out next month?


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Elf Blushing Rosevs.Nars Dolve Vita1


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