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Fashion Wishlist: Fall 2017

Fall FashionWishlist

It has been a little while since I’ve done a fashion wishlist, the last one that I did was all the way back in spring, I forgot to do one for the fall time so there for sure will not be a complete set this year, which is a little bit disappointing but there’s not a lot I can do about it. Either way, today I am here to talk a bit about my fall fashion wishlist, a list of clothing that I am lusting over/think would be super cute for the fall season. Let’s jump right in.


1. Croft & Barrow Aimee Ankle Boots – I love boots! And I’ve already picked up a few pairs this season, but I’m still drooling over these, and one of those were winter boots so I’m not sure they really count. I love some ankle boots, these ones are super cute and sound like they’d be pretty

2. Mustard Faux Leather Crossbody Bag – I love the shade mustard right now and I personally love crossbody bags, I love smaller bags and I love this shade.

3. H&M Burgundy Knit Cardigan – Another shade that I think is perfect for the fall time, this dark burgundy kind of shade. I love cardigans for the fall time as well and this one is pretty slouchy and cute!

4. Burgundy Oversized Sweater – Another really pretty burgundy sweater, this one is really baggy and very affordable.

5. Orange Round Toe Kitten Heels – It says that these are orange but on my end, these look more like mustard to me, either way, I think these are really simple and really cute. These are very outside of my normal wear though.

6. Burgundy Sueded Pointy Ballet Flats – Another pair of shoes and clearly there is a color theme going on here, a lot of mustard and burgundy in this list. These are really simple flats but sometimes that’s a good thing, a nice simple shoe in a really appropriate color.

7. Tassel Hoop Earrings – I love tassel earrings! I don’t know if they are still popular now but I still love the look of them, these ones are really cute, they don’t seem too obnoxious either.


8. Army Green Wrap Dress – I love this shade of green and I love a wrap dress, a wrap dress is just perfect for anyone and everyone and this shade is really great for this time of the year.

9.  H&M Fine Knit Sweater – A neutral sweater is a staple in the fall and winter time I think, this one is really simple and a little bit baggy, which sounds super comfortable and that’s always a good thing.

10. H&M Mustard Knit Sweater – Another sweater and another mustard item, this one is really straightforward and simple, it’s cute!

11. Brown Buckle Booties – Another pair of booties! I love booties and these ones are really cute, they remind me of another pair of boots that I had once from Target, these are super cute.

12. Taupe Ankle Boots – I think these are such an interesting color and I think these would be super fun with jeans, I’m kind of drooling over them and have been lusting after them for a while.

13. Black & White Plaid Midi Skirt – I don’t know that I could pull off a midi skirt but I’ve been looking at getting one for a while, this one is super cute, really neutral and perfect for both the fall and winter seasons.


14. Mustard Tights – Yet another mustard item! I wear a lot of black in the fall and winter time, so I’m always looking for ways to break up the black of my outfit, mostly because my fiance always tells me we wear a lot of black in the winter.

15. Plaid Button Down Shirt – I love this pattern, it’s really simple and straightforward, I think this would look great with a ton of different outfits.

16. Plaid Pullover Dress – This dress is really cute and simple, I think this would look super cute with some black tights and some ballet flats, a really casual look.

17. Modcloth Farmers Markedness – This is such a cute dress! I think this would be great for the entirety of fall but this looks like a really fun Christmas dress, I say as I’m going to be spending Christmas in Florida so I probably don’t need long sleeves.

18. Floral Crossbody – I love crossbody bags and I would probably never wear this one, but it’s so cute! This is such a pretty color and is currently my favorite fall color, this is just a gorgeous bag.

And those are all of my picks for the fall season, you can tell there’s a lot of a color theme to this one but I like these colors and I think these are a great addition to the fall wardrobe, and to my own, as someone who wears way too many neutrals and needs to spice it up every now and again.

What’s on your fall fashion wishlist?


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Fall 2017


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