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Review: Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

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Today I have a Lush review for you guys, it’s one of their new products and one from the Halloween range, which didn’t interest me a whole lot this year. I purchased two other things from the range and I’m debating picking up one other thing, but for the most part, the Halloween range wasn’t super exciting for me. Anyway, this is the only Halloween lush post I have planned for this month, so let’s get talking about the Secret Arts Jelly Bomb.

20170826_193938If you haven’t heard about the new jelly bombs let me tell you a little bit about them, Lush has rolled out two new jelly bombs in the Halloween collection that are currently available in the U.S., one Christmas one and three regular line ones in the UK, which is a total of  six jelly bombs on the market at the moment. These are still a bath bomb but with a twist, as this fizzes away a layer of jelly is supposed to melt and linger on the top of the water for some super moisturized skin. It sounds like a very strange product but I love lush and of course, I was interested in giving it a go, so I ordered the four jelly bombs that were available when I made my order and this is the first one that I used.

The bath bomb is vegan so it’s good for everyone who might want to try this one out, contains almond essential oil, Brazilian orange oil, and cinnamon leaf oil to name just a few of the ingredients in this dark little guy.

20170826_194236I want to talk a little bit about the appearance of this bath bomb, even though you’ve already seen the outside and are about to see what it does. The outside looks like all of the other jelly bombs, it’s got a bunch of round spots and in the middle of it all is a shape that is unique to each different scent, this one happens to be an eye as you saw above.

The thing about this one is that when you put this one in the water it’s nothing really exciting, it’s really just black and ends up leaving your water a really dark gray color, which is kind of interesting as it’s not a shade you often see in bath bombs. This does spit out little pink balls but I personally20170826_194326 barely even noticed them in the bath water. You can see them in the next photo but they don’t really stay around for that long and ended up mixing into the dark gray.

Now, time to talk about the obvious thing that this bath bomb has, the jelly. I don’t know what happened with this bomb, if it’s the way that this one works or if I got a bad one but the jelly was the worst thing ever. I was expecting the jelly to melt and stay on the surface like it was described, but that is not what happened at all. What happened was gross, all of the jelly stayed in these slimy balls that just floated around the bath water, it was gross and when I squished them to make them smaller and see if they would dissolve, it didn’t, instead, it just made small gross slimy jelly balls. Throughout the entire bath it never really dissolved, I just crushed them into small enough pieces for it to go down the drain.

The other thing about this bomb was that it stained my bathtub and it stained it really bad like I’m still trying to get it completely clean and I’m really not sure if it’s ever going to get clean at this point, which pisses me off. I know it’s dark but I really didn’t think it was going to stain anywhere near this badly.

20170826_194516Alright, now that I’ve spoken about all the terrible reasons to not get this bath bomb, let’s talk about the scent of this bomb. The scent of this is the best part about this entire bath bomb, it smells amazing and I think it smells Cinders from Christmas past, which is one of my all-time favorite bath bombs from lush because of the scent. It has a spicy cinnamon kind of scent to it but it also smells really fruity, I think it’s a very well rounded scent that if you get the chance to smell you should.

I think this might be the first bath bomb that I wouldn’t recommend, there have been plenty in the past that I just haven’t personally enjoyed but this is one that just doesn’t work well and I don’t think anyone would enjoy. It smells so good but it is just such a mess that I don’t think this is worth it.

Have you tried any of the new jelly bombs?


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Lush Secret ArtsJelly Bomb Review


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