September 2017 Nail Wrap Up

September Nail Wrap Up

It’s time for the final monthly post for this month, well the final one that is focusing on the previous month, and that is my nail wrap up. Last month I only shared three nail polish looks with you, which I wasn’t super happy about so the goal for this month was to beat that amount and I think I did alright. Let’s just dive right on in and talk about the nails I was rocking for the month of September.


This first one is a terrible picture and also not my favorite mani ever, but I wanted to play with polka dots, something I had never done before and I think they turned out alright but next time I’m hoping to do a better one. I can’t remember the names but I used both the black and white polish from the Sally Hansen Extreme nail line, at least that’s what I think it was. These are great polishes for what they are and they will be fantastic for nail art I think.


This is another one that I am not all about, I had a vision in mind and it didn’t turn out the way that I wanted, however, I don’t think this is completely terrible either, but it’s not great. I used Zoya Dory, Wet N Wild Echo Part and OPI I Believe In Manicures.⠀All three are fabulous colors and ones that I will enjoy wearing again sometime in the future.


I can’t tell you what was used for these ones as I didn’t do them, I went and had my nails done as a nail trial for my wedding, so no idea what colors, but they were a gel, lasted really well and are pretty.

20170920_104509Up next for the month is the ILNP nail polish in the shade mega, which is a silver holo polish and is stunning on the nails, and in the bottle and everywhere really. This nail polish was a delight to wear, it wore really well and was pretty easy to put on. I do think it took three coats to get to where I wanted it to be, but for such a gorgeous shade I am happy to put on three coats of it.


And our last polish of the month is OPI’s Reykjavik Has All The Hotspots, which I knew I just had to have when I saw it and the second it came in it went on the nails. This one barely made it into the month as well but it was put on in September so it counts! The most disappointing thing about this is the fact that one entire nail chipped off the day after I applied it, I was so sad, I’m not sure why it did that, if it was the combination of my top and base coat, if it was one of those with the polish or some other unknown thing but either way I plan on trying again and hopefully it won’t chip as easily.

And those are all of the nail polishes that I wore in the month of September, not too many but not too little, I do want to try out more polishes next month but we will see how that goes. I’m still happy with how many polishes I got through this month.

What nail polish have you been rocking this past month?


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September2017Nail WrapUp