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Blog Planning Tips

Blog Planning Tips

I’ve been blogging on ilikeitsparkly for almost two years now and I don’t think I’ve ever shared any tips or anything like that, probably partially because I forget that I can do things like this and partially because I am still not sure if I really have this blogging thing down. Either way, I plan on sharing three of my favorite tips for planning things on the blog.

1. Planner – I think this one is probably the most obvious of all tips, but it’s something that is super useful when it comes to planning. I guess you don’t have to use a planner, but an editorial calendar or something of the sort is really super useful. I use a physical planner and I plan out all of my content, keep to-do lists and really just keep myself super organized with this.

2. Spread Sheets – This is something that is super important to me in terms of planning out my blog posts from month to month, in fact, it’s probably the key thing to me planning my blog posts. I have a google spreadsheet that has every single blog post idea I’ve ever wanted to do or had on it, separated into categories and I even throw my drafts in there so I have a list of everything that I might want to do. If I have an idea, it goes there, it might not always stay there but it goes there and it’s super helpful.

3. Buffer – Or something like that, I personally use buffer and it saves me tons of time when it comes to planning out my social media content. On Saturday or Sunday, I usually sit down plan out a bunch of tweets and Instagrams for the week, get everything ready to go and then twitter posts for me and Instagram takes just a couple of steps. It saves me a lot of time.

What are your favorite planning tips?


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Blog Planning Tips

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