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Review: BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Delux Palette

Carli Bybel Review

It’s Friday again, which means it is time for me to review another all in one type of palette, last week we were at the higher end of things and this week we’re a little more low end. This week I will be reviewing the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette, I picked this up on a whim, this is the slightly larger Carli Bybel palette, but anyway, let’s just get into talking about this one.

20170805_141952This palette retails at $22.50, I know l just said this is more on the low end, but I still stick by this, last week it was $24.00 for four eyeshadows and two cheek products, this one, however, is $22.50 and you get fifteen eyeshadows and six highlighter kind of products, and the total weight of this one is 10.0 oz, which is a fair amount more product, so I personally think it’s safe to say that this one is more cost efficient.

This one was a little bit of a whim but at the same time I had heard a ton of people talking about this one, so it was a whim in the sense of I really didn’t originally have plans to get this one but all the hype and the need of another palette with multiple purposes, took over me, which is why we are here.

This is another one that I don’t think really has enough in it for me to say full face, so far I’m failing at that, but this one does have a nice variety of shades and does serve more than one purpose, which is why we are talking about it this month.

20170805_142020This one comes with a bunch of eyeshadows up to, most of which seem to be more on the warm side of things, which doesn’t both me, I still like warm shadows and I think these are still interesting enough. There is a good mix of finishes in this palette, matte, shimmers and even a duochrome or two that I’ve noticed in the eyeshadows alone. These eyeshadows really vibe well together and I think they are super cohesive.

The rest are very shimmery so I assume everything else is a highlighter or blush topper, even though two of them are way too dark for me to use as either of those things, so I’ll probably not use them or end up using them as eyeshadows.

Now, to talk a little bit about the formula of these, the formula of some of these are a little different than some of the other ones, but overall I find the formula of this palette to be overall the same, it’s really nice and I think these are really soft and blendable, they don’t have a lot of fallout really and they are pretty pigmented. So, this formula is really easy to work with.

Now, for some swatches, the left photo is all of the eyeshadows and the right side are the highlighters, they don’t have names on them so I can’t really talk about specific colors. I think the eyeshadows don’t swatch as well, and honestly, I’m not sure that they’re as pigmented as I might like, or as pigmented as the highlighter. The highlighters are so impressive like they are super pigmented and these are not subtle highlighters in the slightest bit, I am really in love with these highlighters and excited to play with them more.

And time for the look that I created using this palette, I’m pretty happy with it overall, the eyeshadow isn’t quite everything that I wanted it to be but it’s still pretty nice. The highlighter is really pretty and I’m super happy with that, though I don’t feel it photographed quite as well as I would have like.

Overall I am pretty happy with this palette, I do not think it’s the best one that I’ve tried so far, but I’m not mad at it either. It’s kind of middle of the road to me.

What palette do you reach for when you go on trips?


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Carli BybelDeluxe EditionPalette Review


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