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Review: Lorac Malibu Palette

Lorac Malibu Palette

Last week I talked about how I was starting another weekly thing for the month of September, so I am back with the second installment of these weekly posts. Every Friday for the month of September I will be talking about a great travel palette, some are more all in one than others, but all of the palettes that I will be talking about are great for travel and serve more than on purpose. This week I’m going to be reviewing the Lorac Malibu Palette, so let’s just jump right on in.

20170805_141808I believe Lorac just released these this past month, these are all a part of the LA line, they have four others in the line which means five total including this one. They are all the same size and have the same general idea as this one, they have four eyeshadows each and two cheek products, the types of cheek products really seem to vary from each one, which I think is interesting. These retail for $24.00 and they have a total of 0.4oz of product in them, which isn’t too bad.

I settled on this one just because this one looked like the one I’d be most interested in, they are all pretty neutral but this just called my name. I really think it was that really pretty dusty rose kind of shade that is included in this one, it almost looks like a blush shade but it’s not, it’s an eyeshadow. I’m sure you’re thinking I could use that as a blush too but we’ll get to that later.


This one comes with four eyeshadows, a bronzer, and a highlighter. I really kind of wanted one with a highlighter just because I really love highlighters. The shadows in this one have a more neutral kind of thing going for them, but there is that pink color that really helps bring it to a little bit of a warmer place. Three of the eyeshadows are shimmery shades for sure and the more rose color is matte, I kind of wish that they did two mattes and two shimmers, but I still enjoy the shimmer shades.

I want to talk about the formula a little bit, I am a lover of Lorac eyeshadows, I feel like a lot of people either love or hate the formula but I happen to be on the side of loving them. However, I am so disappointed in this formula, it’s not the worst but it doesn’t hold up to the standards I have for Lorac eyeshadows. Lorac eyeshadows are usually very soft and blendable, but these aren’t so soft and are just harder to work with. These aren’t the worst eyeshadows that I’ve ever used but they aren’t the typical Lorac shadows I’m used to.

20170805_141920I’m going to go over some swatches now, we’re going to go from top to bottom, as usual, so let’s start at the very top. Beachside is a really shimmer champagne kind of color, this one is right up my alley. Curfside View, this is a more gold toned kind of shade but it’s still kind of a pretty soft lid kind of shade. Morning Surf is the matte shadow, it’s really pink and it kind of looks more like a blush than an eyeshadow to me, it’s very pretty though and I’m a big fan of this shade. Route 1 is the darkest of the four shades, it’s shimmery and looks like a warm chestnut kind of shade to me. Now, it’s time to get into the two face products in the bunch, the first one is the bronzer in the shade Long Board, it’s really light but it pulls pretty orange too, so I’m not the biggest fan of it. And the last swatch is the highlighter in the shade Afternoon Rose, which I like the look of but am slightly disappointed in because I thought it would be pinker than it is, but it’s still a very pretty highlighter.

Now, to talk about the look, let’s start with the best part of the makeup and that is the eye look, while I don’t find the eye look really exciting or find that I can create a ton of different looks using these four eyeshadows, it’s a look that I am happy with and think looked nice overall. Now, let’s talk about the part that I had to wipe off, the face makeup. I ended up wiping off the face makeup because the bronzer made my face look orange, it looked dreadful and just did not work for me. I used that pinky eyeshadow as a blush, which worked alright but it isn’t something I would recommend doing. And as for the highlighter, the highlighter was completely fine, it’s pretty subtle but that is something I’m fine with because it is pretty. But, the bronzer just killed the look for me.

Overall, I kind of regret picking up this palette, it just wasn’t everything I wanted it to be and overall it was pretty middle of the road for me. I am still a little bit curious about some of the other palettes from this collection, just because I kind of want to see if this one is a dud or if they all just aren’t great, but after trying this one I’m not completely sure that I want to pick up another one even though I am curious. So, the verdict on this one is that I would just pass on this exact one.

What is your favorite palette to travel with?


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