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Project Pan Roulette #2: 24 By 24 Finale

24 By 24 Finale

It is finally time for my 24 by 24 project pan to be finished, it feels like the time has flown by, I started this in June of this year and I can’t tell you how quickly the time has gone by, it’s really insane. Anyway, I am ready to type up this post and be done with this project pan, so grab a snack, grab a drink and get ready for yet another long project pan post.


24. Something hyped up on Youtube: Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask.

I talked about this last time, I ended up decluttering it because I unintentionally ruined it by shoving my fingers in it and applying it to my face, which apparently meant I activated, so I ended up decluttering this.

Amount Left: Decluttered. 

11. Something You Have Already Hit Pan On: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

I lost this and then I purchased another one because I loved this so much and then I found the one that I had first, which now lives in my drawer at work and I’ve been using it. I haven’t used it enough though, as I haven’t finished that, but I’m going to blame that one losing this one.

Amount Left: 20%

25. Something In A Stick/Tube: Tony Moly So Cool Eye Stick

I worked on this for a while, then stopped and recently just picked it up. I thought I had barely used this product but I’ve made it a lot further than I thought, but I did not end up finishing this one.

Amount Left: 20%

36. Item In Your Favorite Color: Not Your Mothers Naturals Tahitian Gardenia Flower + Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler

I have finished this one! I am super excited about this. Based on what I knew of the brand and based on the description of this I thought I was going to love this, but I don’t think I really did. I also ended up hating the smell.

Amount Left: Finished. 

9. Perfume: Sugared Amber Dreams Rollerball.

I took this to put in my desk at work for the days when I wanted to freshen up my scent or just wanted to smell like this, but that probably wasn’t my best idea because I have hardly used this. It pretty much looks like I haven’t touched it at all since my last update, so that’s a thing.

Amount Left: 50%

18. Something Purple: Pink Sweet & Flirty Body Mist Mini.

I have finished this one, I knew that I would and I knew that I was about to finish it up during my last update. I really liked this, I just wish it stayed on longer, I would spray it and the scent wouldn’t be around an hour later even so I would have to reapply if I wanted to continue to smell like this one.

Amount Left: Finished.

17. Something Fun: Lush First Snow Dusting Powder.

I am not surprised by this one at all, I did not finish this one, I didn’t even get close to finishing this one. I started using it and realized this was going to take forever and then haven’t really used it that much. I want to get through this one but I need to find a way that I actually enjoy using this and that would probably help get me through it. Kind of debating sprinkling it on the bed.

Amount Left: 80%


42. Everyday Staple Item: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

When I updated last time I said I was done with the one I started with but now I have finished that one and two mini sizes that are even smaller than the travel size, so I’m pretty happy to be finished with those and hopefully never have to wear this primer ever again because I really am not a fan of this. It’s not awful, it’s just so meh to me.

Amount Left:  Finished

24. Something with Beautiful Packaging: Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist.

I have been doing some damage on this recently, I was trying to use up my Mac one first then I started working on this one, I haven’t finished this one though but I’ve gotten closer to being finished with it.

Amount Left: 20%

50. Mac Product: Mac Strobe Cream.

I have said this before and I will continue to say this, this is the product that never dies. I feel like I’ve been using it a fair amount and I’ve been using a pretty nice sized portion each time I use it, but it just keeps going, so I’m not sure if I’m ever going to finish this one.

Amount Left: 15% I think….

20. Something You Are Loving: Mac Fix+ Coconut.

I have mixed feelings about this one, I’m glad that I finished it and I’m glad that I got to enjoy this one until it was gone before it went bad, but I’m so sad to see it go. I have another Fix + but I don’t think it’s the coconut one and that makes me a little bit sad, it was so soft in the scent of it but I really loved it.

Amount Left: Finished.

52. Setting Powder: Dermablend Loose Setting Powder.

I loved this stuff! I like it so much that I really think I’m going to end up purchasing the full size of this, especially since it’s on sale at the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty. So, I am excited about that!

Amount Left: Finished.

21. Something You Regret: Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Highlight in Who’s That Pearl.

I ended up decluttering this product, I used it a few times and every time I used it, I hated it. It took a lot of effort to work with and it didn’t end up looking amazing in the end, so I just decided to get rid of it and no worry about it.

Amount Left: Decluttered.

29. Full Sized Item: Sephora Radiant Luminizing Drops in Morning Light.

I am not all about this, this isn’t bad or anything, but it’s not really exciting either. I feel like I’ve used probably 50% of this product but I think I’m going to declutter this one because I just don’t love it.

Amount Left: Decluttered.

3. Deluxe Sized Item: Pur Volume Vixen Mascara.

This is another thing I have decluttered, I decided that if I really didn’t like something it just wasn’t worth keeping around, so I just passed this one along.

Amount Left: Decluttered

40. Sample Product: Milk Makeup Blur Stick.

I have two of these but there is no way I was going to make it through the both of them, I haven’t even made it through the first one, I am really close though but still haven’t finished it.

Amount Left: 15%

39. Urban Decay Item: Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner in Perversion.

I hated this, this was probably one of the worst eyeliners that I’ve ever used and because of that I decided that it just had to go, I tried it a few times and then threw it in the empties pile.

Amount Left: Decluttered

2. Product In a Palette: Lorac Pro Matte.

I don’t know why I thought I would finish this one but I wanted to try, I didn’t get as far as I would have liked. I had one shadow completely finished when I started and I’m nearly finished with another, then made a couple of bigger dents in two of them. So, I have been

Amount Left: 75%

37. Maybelline Item: Maybelline Brightening Creamy Concealer in Fair.

I hated this, I bought this on a whim and the first time I used this I really hated it, but I threw it in this project pan to try it out some more and to use it up, but I still hated it. I think this is a little bit too dark for me, it’s really greasy and it didn’t cover well. I did not like it.

Amount Left: Decluttered.


12. Glossy Lip Product: Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil in Papa Don’t Peach.

I didn’t do too well on this one, I think the smell of it turns me off of it a lot, the color is really pretty and the formula of it is fine, but the smell just throws me off. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever smelled but it’s not good to me.

Amount Left: 75%

27: Matte Product: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Dopey.

I didn’t even touch this, like I may have used this twice throughout this entire project, it just kept getting lost in my drawer and I just never reached for it, so I didn’t really make a lot of progress on this one.

Amount Left: 75%

47. Lip Gloss: Buxom Full On Lip Cream in White Russian.

I can’t believe that this one isn’t finished, I keep this in my bag and use it all the time, it’s pretty much been my go to lip product for a little while. This is a fantastic gloss, it’s very easy to wear, goes with everything and isn’t too sticky. I’m going to be sad to see this one go but I may just end up purchasing a full size at some point in the future.

Amount Left: 20%

33. Chapstick/Lip Balm: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.

I love this lip balm, it’s probably my favorite one, and while I want to use this one up I’m also a little hesitant because it is so expensive to replace, at least for a lip balm or lip treatment. Still, I’ve been powering through but I’ve not quite finished it yet.

Amount Left: 20%

21. Item Of Your Choice: Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in N14.

I think I finished this one a little while ago, this one was a good lipstick, it was very moisturizing and a pretty color, maybe not my all time favorite shade but still, it was pretty. I am glad to see it go though, it’s always nice to get through those mini sizes.

Amount Left: Finished.

So, I think the final verdict for this project is six products completely finished, six products decluttered and 12 products that I’m still working on, I would guess. I wish I had gotten further along in this project but I’m still happy to have 12 things leave my collection, that’s half of the products that I intended to use up, which is pretty good.

Would you guys be interested in seeing another project pan after this one is over?


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Project Pan- 24By 24 Finale!

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