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Review: Contour Intutive Eye & Face Palette


NYX Color intuitive palett

This month I have decided to do something similar to last month, every Friday there will be a palette review for the month of September, but this month instead of focusing on seasons I’ve decided to focus on travel type palettes, so palettes that don’t just have eye shadow or only blush in them, they may not all be great for doing an entire face, but they do all serve more than one purpose. To kick this off I have the palette that inspired this whole thing, the NYX Contour Intuitive Eye and Face Sculpting Palette in Amplify, so let’s get right on into this.



I guess I’m going to start this out by saying that they have this type of palette in four other shades, which is a total of five palettes with this same type of format. These retail for $19.99, though sometimes you may be able to catch a sale on the NYX website or Ulta, so I would keep an eye out for those sales if you’re interested in this but want to save a little bit.

This is probably the most fun one of the group, which is the reason why I personally chose this palette, I have so much stuff that I figured I should pick the more fun one and see how it goes. I think this one is super wearable still but it does have a touch of fun to it.

These come with two highlighters each, six eyeshadows and a blush, all of which work together perfectly, so it’s a very cohesive thing. At least that’s what I think based on this one palette.

This one is more of a purple, burgundy toned palette, with a little splash of teal in it, just a tiny pop of color for these shades.

We’re going to go through some swatches really quick, going from top to bottom. The very top is the slightly icey, cool highlighter in the palette, then we have the warmer toned, gold highlighter, next is the blush which is a really pretty pink that I find pretty neutral. Now, we get into the eyeshadows, starting with the really fun bright teal shade, then a more matte, mauve kind of shade, next is a really light cream shade that is basically a face powder for me, then we have a  warm toned, shimmery red brown shade, after that is a really light champagne shade that leans a little bit more towards the pinky purple side, and we finish off with a dark red purple kind of shade, burgundy if you will.



Now, based on these swatches I was a little bit underwhelmed and wasn’t really expecting much from the palette, but after applying it to the face I was pretty impressed with the pigmentation and the bendability of these shadows. They ended up packing a lot more of a punch than I thought they would based on the swatches I did, which was a very pleasant surprise.

The highlighters are fine, nothing particularly exciting but nothing awful either, they are softer than I was expecting which isn’t a bad thing, I think I was just looking for at least one of them to be more of a blinding highlight.

The blush is something that I like alright, it’s very pigmented but I find it a tiny bit hard to work with, it doesn’t blend out quite as well as I would like it to. I think I did a pretty good job and it looked good, but it is a little bit difficult. Now, let’s get on to the makeup look that I created using this palette!

I adore this eye look, I was looking at it at first and wasn’t sure about it, it seemed a little bit boring but it grew on me, especially in the sunlight because it really brought out the color of it. So, it’s safe to say that the eye look is a thumbs up from me. The highlighter is fine, it’s just like what I said about the highlighter earlier, it’s pretty but it’s very soft, which isn’t always a bad thing. And I think the blush looks perfectly fine, like a nice pink flush to the cheeks, I just wish it had been easier to work with.

Overall, I am really happy to have picked this one up however, the eyeshadows make it worth it to me. I will say this, I feel like you could come up with quite a few different looks only using the eyeshadows in this palette but they will all have a general look to them, as you would probably assume seeing as they are all in the same shade family. I still think it’s pretty though. Now, the highlighters are fine, the blush is the only thing and I don’t think it ruings the palette. So, as a whole I like this one and think it’s kind of fun.

What is your go to travel palette?


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NYX Contour IntuitiveEye and Face PaletteReview

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