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24th Birthday Wishlist!

Birthday Wishlist
If you didn’t know my birthday is coming up, I feel a little bit childish being excited about my birthday, but damn it I am excited. I will be turning 24 this year, which you may have been able to tell by the title, and I have a few posts planned, not too many as I didn’t want to be obnoxious plus I couldn’t really come up with more than the three that I had, so there’s that. Anyway, my birthday is next Thursday, September the 14th, so today I’m going to share a little wishlist, let’s just get right on into it!
1. Disney Ornaments – The three that are pictured above are the three that I’m really interested in, I mean, realistically there are a bunch that I’m interested in but I can’t have a whole tree of Disney ornaments. Maybe. Anyway, the three that I really want to pick up are Pascal holding onto a lantern, the house from Up and of course Thomas O’Malley and Dutchess playing the harp. They are all so cute and make me so happy to look at.
2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure – After trying one of the regular ambient lighting powders I am so interested in trying out one of their blushes, the powder is so finely milled and just feels amazing. Plus, this color looks gorgeous and so effortless, and the cherry on top is it comes in a mini because we all know I don’t need any more full sizes.
3. Sailor Moon Compact Mirror – I really want a mirror to carry around in my purse and this one is super cute and right up my alley!
4. I Dew Care Mini Magic Clay  – I’m really interested in trying out some more face masks and this seems like a really good mix of products to try out.
5.  Black Cape – I’ve always wanted to own a cape, it might be a strange piece of clothing but I really like the way that it looks, and now that I live somewhere colder it seems like a perfect time to try it out.
6. Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask – I have one of the jelly face masks already but I regret not picking up this one when I made my huge purchase, so now I’m ready to get my hands on this one.
7. The Balm In The Balm Of Your Hands Vol. 2 – I own a couple of products from The Balm, I love both of the items that I own and they seem to be a brand that everyone loves but no one really talks about anymore. Either way, I really want to try this out, it’s a fantastic concept for someone like myself who hasn’t tried a lot from the brand as these are some of the best and most popular products from the brand.
8. Fossil Toaster Crossbody – I don’t often buy purses or change mine out, I like the look of them but I always end up carrying the exact same one, which is essential this bag. I like this shade of brown, always, a cross body and nothing too small. I wanted to put this on my list because I keep buying cheaper ones and they fall apart so much easier, so I’m hoping something a little bit nicer will hold up better.
9. Zodiac Starforce: Cries Of The Fire Prince #1 – I read the other four comics and loved them, so I’m super excited about there being more, which of course means that I want to get my hands on these.
And that is my birthday wishlist, nothing too exciting but all very Nicole things.
When is your birthday?
24th Birthday Wishlist

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