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Review: Tarte FRXXXTION Stick

Tarte FrXXXtion Stick Review

I am back with a review today, today’s review should be a good one because I have actually completely used this one up which means I should be able to thoroughly comment on this one because of that. As per usual, I have way more content coming to me than I can keep up, partially because I am a hoarder and partially because I’m always coming up with new ideas, however, I guess that’s alright since that means I’ve always got something to write about. Anyway, today I’m just going to focus on this product!

20170426_141549.jpgThis is the Tarte Frxxxtion Stick, it’s a 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser, according to the Tarte website it’s a cleanser, exfoliator and face mask all in one. It also twists up, which is really handy. The product comes with 1 full ounce of product for $22.00, which isn’t the best but that’s not half bad, especially since I used mine regularly and had it for at least two months, so that’s not bad at all.

Let’s talk about the packaging of this a little bit, this comes in a pretty standard box, it’s nothing exciting which is why I didn’t really feel the need to share a photo of it, however, I did want to mention it. Now, onto the actual product packaging, which is really straightforward but I quite like that. I don’t think this is the simplest packaging ever but I do think it’s very basic and very Tarte, it’s just a cylinder that turns at the base and it has a gold top, I do like the gold accents on this a lot. The only complaint that I might have about the packaging is that after using this for a little while the inner part of the cap starts to separate from the outer cap, I kept having to shove it back into the outer cap and it was kind of annoying, not that big of a deal but annoying still.
20170426_141602.jpgAnd now this is what the actual product itself looks like, it’s just a black solid form, it almost looks like deodorant but it is for sure not. This product has a fine scrubbing element in it, I’m honestly not sure what that element is but I do know that it’s in there. I think it’s super gentle because I could use this product every day and it wouldn’t irritate my skin, I don’t have the most sensitive skin ever but my skin isn’t not sensitive, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I never used this product for anything other than a cleanser, and I guess an exfoliator as you can’t really avoid that no matter if you use this as a cleanser or a face mask, but anyway I can’t vouch how well this works as a face mask but I can talk about it as a cleanser. I found that this worked really well and cleaning my face, it was something that would get all of my makeup off, the only thing about that is that you shouldn’t use this on or too close to your eyes, I never tried it but this does not seem like a product that you should do that with as it would probably irritate, but for the rest of my face it did a good job at deep cleaning and gently exfoliating, which is something that I love.

The application is very simple, I personally just twisted it up a little bit and then wiped it all over my face, finishing it but rubbing it in with my hands. The scent of this is honestly so faint that I don’t even remember what it smelled like, I never really noticed it so if you are sensitive to scents I don’t think this one will bother you at all. Overall, I liked this product and am glad that I purchased it, in fact I feel like I will repurchase this some time in the future I’m just not entirely sure when.

What is your favorite facial cleanser?


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