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Favorite Nail Polish Brands 2017

Favorite Nail PolishBrands

I’m here today to talk about my favorite nail polish brands! I am really getting back in the swing of playing with nail polish again and I figured it was time for me to a few of my favorite brands with you, so let’s just jump right on in and start talking about them.

Is the first brand that comes to mind when I started thinking about my favorite brands of nail polish, they are the brand that came to mind when I thought about doing this and I for sure have the most polishes by them. Zoya just makes really consistently good nail polish and they come in tons of shades, which is honestly why I keep coming back. I don’t think I’ve ever used a Zoya nail polish that I have been unhappy with, and if I have it’s been one or two over the years and I have forgotten. So, overall Zoya might be my all time favorite brand of nail polish.

China Glaze is a close second I feel like, I have a love hate relationship with the brand sometimes but I always find myself coming back to this brand, they are frequently releasing new collections, they have tons of colors and the formula is usually spot on. Sometimes you do get a dud that just really isn’t good, but usually, that doesn’t happen and that’s probably why I’ve picked this as a close second to Zoya.  And I say love hate just because I find myself falling away from the brand hard but then coming back hard, but they may have something to do with the amount of collections that they release and me just not being able to keep up anymore.

This is the most affordable brand on the list and probably one of the most affordable brands in the drugstore, which is always a bonus, the nail polish is simply great and the price is even better. I think the reason I didn’t put this higher on the list is because of a lack of color, don’t get me wrong, they have a pretty good selection but not as big of a selection as the two above. They also are frequently coming out with new collections but still, not as much of a regular, all the time line color selection. These are sill great nail polishes, I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a dud and like the rest of the internet, I adore the brush on these.

And my final choice on the list, the most expensive choice I have, though I never pay for these full price. Butter London nail polishes are fantastic, I only have maybe a half dozen of them but they have all been fantastic polishes. The formula of these are really great, they seem to last fairly well on the nails and are just overall a great nail polish. My one hangup with these is that they just don’t have enough of a selection of colors, at least based on what I’ve seen this is true and I just really like to have a color selection. Otherwise, these are great polishes that are fantastic for when you might want to treat yo self a little.

And those are my favorite brands, of course, I have other brands that I enjoy but these are the ones that I came up with that I have a bunch of and consistently enjoy nail polish from. I really wanted to make it a top five kind of post but I couldn’t come up with the last brand, so I didn’t, I didn’t just want to shove one in here for the sake of having five.

What is your favorite and least favorite brand of nail polish?


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