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Love The Skin Your In Tag

Love The Skin Your In Tag

I saw this tag over at ellamaygarrett’s blog and I just loved everything about it, so I decided that I wanted to do it and that is why we are here today. I guess I technically wasn’t tagged to do this but at the same time, I wasn’t not, the post I read ended in her tagging everyone and I think I could as everyone. I’m not going to give this any more of an introduction but instead just jump right on into this.


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post
  •  Display the “love the skin you’re in” image.
  • Be truthful when answering the questions and don’t judge what other people have answered in their posts.
  • If you want to add any questions to this tag related to body positivity feel free to.
  • Try to nominate as many people as you can, if not everyone.


One feature you love about yourself? I’m probably going to choose the most cliche of answers but I think my eyes, while I can’t see very well out of them without glasses, they are somewhat interesting and I like that. They switch between darker shades of blue and lighter shades of gray, and I like that.

One feature you wish/wished you could change that you are trying to accept or have accepted? This is probably the biggest thing I avoid talking about, but I’m trying to be open and very honest in answering this tag, my answer would have to be my teeth. I have always had messed up teeth and add in a few years of not the best care and it’s just a feature I wish I could change. I’m trying to accept it but at the same time I’m also trying to change it, I’m just not sure how much changing I can really do.

Have you ever thought of getting surgery to change your imperfections? Honestly, no. It’s never really crossed my mind because I am terrified of the idea of surgery in general, so I probably wouldn’t want to put myself through that for something cosmetic.

One of your main role models for body positivity? Julie at getfitjules on Instagram, I dunno what it is entirely but she just really inspires me and it makes me happy to see her post on Instagram.

Has a family member or friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? If so what for? Oh, for sure, but I try not to hold on to those types of things. It’s been for my weight, me dressing slightly more risque sometimes, my teeth and probably a couple of other things that I just can’t think of. Sometimes my family can be brutal.

Something you love about your fashion sense or style? I love that I’ve come to a point in my life with my style that I am happy wearing whatever it is that I like, whether it be all black, really frilly, a little bit weird or maybe something that ‘shouldn’t’ be worn on my body type, but whatever it is if I like it and think it looks good I’m going to wear it.

Why is your body a great place to be? One reason would be that without it I would be here and that would just really be terrible, I do quiet enjoying being here. I may struggle with it sometimes, I may see things that I don’t like always, but it works and it’s a great body.

Before I finish this tag up, I just wanted to add a photo that I took recently where I was really feeling myself, it’s just a mirror selfie, wearing a dress that I love and freshly showered but I was really happy with how I felt and looked that day so I just wanted to share it. I’ve been holding on to this picture for a few weeks now and was waiting for the perfect time to share it.


I Tag!

I just want to tag everyone who is reading this right now, I’d love to see all of you do this tag!

I really enjoyed this tag, I loved the questions and I’m really happy that I decided to do it. I think that’s really all I have to say about this one.

How are you feeling about your body today? It’s okay, to be honest, there is no judgment here.


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