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Review: Lorac I Love Brunch Palette

Lorac I -3 BrunchPalette Review

It’s time for me to introduce you to a fun new, short series that I have planned for all the Sundays during August. Since there are four Sundays this month and four seasons I’ve decided to do something maybe a little bit weird, but really not weird at the same time, I’m going to knock out four new palettes to me that I need to review and each one of them happens to remind me of a season. So, really I’m just reviewing eyeshadow palettes but they happen to make me think of each season, so of course, I am going to start off with spring and that means the Lorac I Love Brunch Palettewhich is a limited edition spring collection palette.


I went back and forth with this palette for a while, I saw the collection release and lusted after this because I was just getting into color and loved the idea of pastel eyeshadows, but I waited because I just couldn’t commit to it and I read reviews that said that the palette really wasn’t that great and this one just wasn’t worth it, so I decided not to get it. However, this just didn’t leave my mind, really because of two shades that are fantastic, however, we will get to that later. I ended up purchasing this from someone lightly used, I couldn’t hold out on it any longer and I didn’t want to pay full price for it. So, I ordered it, disinfected it and here we are talking about it. So, let’s do just that and get on into this review.

Let’s talk about the packaging of this a little bit, along with the colors, this packaging just screams my name. Or at least that other side of me that I don’t let show so much, but either way I adore the look of this packaging. It’s very simple, straightforward packaging, but it’s also a little bit pastel and it’s holographic which I really enjoy. I was drooling over the packaging of this entire collection because it all looks like this and I love that.

20170722_110443 Now to crack this bad boy open and see the inside, a couple of these shades are really clearly used but for the most part I think I got a pretty good deal and this is gently used. The two shades that really jump out to me and are the reason why I couldn’t get this out of my mind are Blueberry Scone and Avacado Toast, neither disappoint me either, they are both everything that I wanted them to be and so much more. I like other shades as well but those are stars if you ask me. This is a pretty fun palette with a nice mix of pastel shades mostly, and a couple of lighter neutrals like Eggs Benny, Valet and French Toast. I like the mix of colors because I think it’s fun but at the same time the color selection is a little bit of a problem to me, it’s nothing major to someone like me who hoards makeup, but I find this palette a little hard to make an entire look out of by itself. I did some eyeshadow looks as examples and I was determined to only use colors from this palette for the review but that proved to be a little bit more challenging than I thought it would be. I did come up with a few looks that I was really happy with but it was a bit more of a challenge than I thought it would be. This palette is just much better as an accompaniment to another palette.


Now, time for some swatches and let me just say this, these are finger swatches and most of the swatch really terrible. Some of the shades aren’t the best but even the ones that I think are good don’t really swatch that well. Let’s go through to swatches from top to bottom: Lavender, Jelly Donut, Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Eggs Benny, Pancakes, Blueberry Scone, Smoothie, Gluten Free, Sorbet, Moonlight, French Toast, Hot Sauce, Valet, Avacado Toast & Sunday Funday. As you can tell the best one swatched is Gluten Free, it’s a very bright, shimmery white that makes for a really fantastic inner corner highlight. And the two that I think are stars are things that I can barely see in these swatches, which make me a little bit sad.

These are pretty easy to build up color wise, they just take a little bit, nothing too much as I still find them easy to deal with but they do take a little effort.

These are the three looks that I came up with, they feature some of my favorites such as Lavender, Blueberry Scone, Avacado Toast, Hot Sauce and Sorbet to name just a few here. I’m really quite happy with all three of these looks, it just took a little bit of thought to only use shades within the palette, but at the same time, it was kind of a fun challenge with myself.

So, overall I like this palette and I am happy to have picked it up, it was clearly a scratch that I needed to itch as I had been thinking about it since it came out in March, I believe. Do I think this is a palette that everyone needs in their collection? No, I do not. Do I think this is a fun palette? Yes, completely. I just don’t think this is the best quality palette, especially for Lorac, I am a huge lover of Lorac shadows and while these feel amazing and are pretty easy to work with, the color payoff just isn’t what I expect, even for pastel shades. So, be weary of this one.

Do you think this palette encompasseses the essence of spring?


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