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Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Review

Butter Bronzer Review

It’s time for another review, a review of a product that has been super hyped up in the beauty community and something that I’ve had and been trying out for a while, but with summer dwindling away I figured I needed to bite the bullet and get this done before I ran out of time. Today I’ll be talking about the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, which is a product that just screams summer to me, from the packaging to the scent even, it’s just very summertime like. So, let’s get into talking about it.

20170416_092522.jpgThis product retails for $14.99 and comes with 0.38 oz of product, a fair amount for a bronzer I think. You can also often find this on sale at drugstores, which is what I did, it seemed a bit pricey for a drugstore product, so I waited and got mine during a 40% off sale. Anyway, enough about that let’s talk about the packaging a little bit. I find this packaging to be a little bit bulky, it’s not too obnoxious but it does have more bulk to it than I would like, I think I would prefer something more streamlined but that may just be me.

20170416_092540.jpgI do enjoy the overall look of it though, I think it’s very pretty and fun summery colors, but also pretty sturdy. As with a lot of Physicians Formula products, there is a little sponge applicator hidden underneath the product, which I assume is why it is so bulky and it’s a nice thought, however, how many people actually use the brushes and applicators that come with the product? Maybe a lot and I’m just used to the beauty community, but from what I see very few.

20170416_092621.jpgLet’s talk color, I picked mine up in light, even though I know the regular is the one that everyone is all about, so I probably need to pick that one up. There isn’t anything wrong with this one but it’s just not the one that everyone goes on and on about. Anyway, we are talking about this one today so let me not ramble on about that one for too long. This bronzer is nice, the shade is a little bit off for me but it’s not bad, it’s very light so that helps. This goes on really smooth and even, I quite like the look of it and it’s super easy to work with, it just leaves my skin looking lightly bronzed and I like that.

The last thing about this is the scent, this has a really strong scent, I can’t smell it when it’s on my face the rest of the time I for sure can, so if you are sensitive to smells you should pass this one over. The scent of this is a coconutty scent, it smells a lot like tanning lotion to me and that is a scent that I personally love, so it’s a big plus if you ask me.

Overall, I like this bronzer and have been reaching for it a fair amount recently, however, this is not my all time favorite bronzer right now but I do like it and am not unhappy that I own it, I’m glad that I tried it out.

Do you guys think the original shade would be better? Should I try that too?

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5 thoughts on “Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Review

  1. Nice review. I’ve seen this appear a lot on Instagram. I’m surprised it comes with a sponge as I’d kind of assume you’d apply with a brush so it’d be nice to have a little compact brush in there…just a thought but I wouldn’t apply bronzer with a sponge so think that’s a bit odd! Ha! Great post xx

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