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Lime Crime Mermaid Mini Haul & First Impressions

Lime Crime MermaidHaul

I know this is another mini haul, but it’s still a haul, right? Plus these little mini ones are usually a little bit more in depth and that can be a good thing, or at least I think it can. Anyway, when I saw this collection I knew I was going to have to pick up at least one item from it, I really wanted to get the whole thing but I decided to be responsible and not do that since I didn’t need it all. I probably would have used the bushes but they were a bit pricey it seemed, and I would have never worn blue or purple metallic lipstick, which is why I skipped out on those three items. But, I had to get my hands on that highlighting palette. Anyway, let’s just get into talking about the haul itself!


I only picked up two items, as you can probably tell by my rambling and the photo above, the shade of Velvetine I picked up from this collection was Siren, I just thought that this was the most wearable shade and I had to pick one of these up, I couldn’t not. I might have a makeup hoarding problem, but that is nothing new. Anyway, this is probably the most wearable metallic Velvetine that I’ve ever tried, in fact, it’s probably the most wearable metallic lipstick I’ve ever tried, not that I’ve tried a ton but still. This is a really pretty coral kind of shade with a gold metallic sparkle to it, which I love and think is very perfect for the summertime. This also has pretty good lasting power, not quite as good as the regular Velvetines but in my experience, none of the metallic shades are quite as good, so I’m alright with that. Overall I am glad that I picked up this shade.


Now, for the main attraction, the thing that I knew I had to have because every part of it was screaming my name the Mermaids highlighting powder. I love everything about this, the packaging, the colors, the name, just everything. The packaging is really fun and perfect for this one I think, it’s a teal kind of color and it’s holographic which is quite perfect. The names are perfect, even if this palette doesn’t have names printed clearly on the packaging it does make it clear what the name is, Seashell is the purple shade, Pearl is this middle champagne kind of shade and Mermaid is the blue shade. These highlighters are the blinding kind, they aren’t one bit subtle, even with a light hand so if you aren’t looking for some serious glow then I would pass on this, but if you are and you’re into a little bit of strange colored highlighter then I would for sure recommend picking this palette up because it is perfect for that.


Here are some swatches of the products, the top is Seashell, the middle is Pearl, the bottom is Mermaid and the liquid lipstick is Siren of course. Everything here is really quite shimmery and just pretty.

I’m really happy with my little haul and am slightly regretting not picking up the brushes, which are still for sale but I just can’t decide seeing as they seem a bit pricey and I don’t really need anymore brushes. Anyway, these are fantastic products and very fun ones that I am happy to own.

What do you think about this collection?

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