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Colourpop Summer 2017 Haul!


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I know, it’s not Tuesday and I’m posting a haul, it’s just that I have 6 haul posts that needed to go up for the month and there’s only four Tuesday’s this month so a couple of them have to go up on different day, which means I have a haul for today and one going up next Saturday. Today, I have a Colourpop haul, I tried the brand out years ago at this point and just recently decided to give them another try, I wasn’t a big fan the last time but I also wasn’t super into makeup then. This time I enjoyed it a little more and on top of showing off my haul, I’ll be sharing a look with you and some mini reviews.


Here Comes The Sun – Super Check Face Duo  – I really wanted to try one of these duos, they were newer, they were pressed and everyone seemed to be talking about them so when I made this purchase I had to pick one up. I’m really glad that I did because I love these! The highlighter is really quite pretty without being over the top and I really love the blush, it’s very soft and pretty.

Cry Baby – Creme Gel Liner – I am so excited about this one because of the color! I think this is a really fun pop of color that isn’t too over the top, especially if I were to wear this shade in the waterline. This is a really pretty light purple shade that is really beautiful.

Dope Taupe – Brow Pencil – I wanted to try out a good mix of products so I decided to get a brow product, they only have two so I went for the pencil because I’m fond of a softer brow look and usually pencils have that. I think this is a really good match and so far I like it.

Best O – Creme Gel Colour  – This is such a pretty color! This is an eyeliner in a pot and it’s really a pretty shade, it’s a really dark shade that is softer than black and more interesting, this is a really dark red shade and I found it really easy to work with.

Paradox – Super Shock Shadow – Another red shade and boy is this one gorgeous, this is a really rich, slightly dark red eyeshadow that is just really stunning. I find this a tiny bit hard to work with but not impossible, it just takes a little more effort than regular but it is worth it.

Bill – Super Shock Shadow – This has the same problem as the eyeshadow above, it’s a little bit harder to work with but nothing really that major and I managed fine. This is such a nice crease shade, that’s what I used it for in the look below.

Come and Get It – Pressed Powder Shadow  – This eyeshadow is stunning, I was so impressed with the powder products from this brand but especially this eyeshadow, it’s very pretty, shimmery and right up my alley as an all over lid shade.

 Frick N’ Frack – Ultra Satin Lip  – I just wore this the other day for the first time and it’s not my favorite thing, I am not super favorable of this formula in this shade, it really emphasized the lines on my lips and that’s just not something that I like.

Dopey – Ultra Satin Lip  – If I’m being honest, I haven’t actually tested this one out yet so I can’t really comment a lot on this, but it does look pretty.

Strip – Ultra Satin Lip – I loved this one! This is the one I wore in the makeup look you will see below, mostly because I love nudes and had to go for it first. This was really nice on the lips, felt comfortable and looked fairly good so I’m really happy with this one.

Aquarius – Ultra Glossy Lip – I am getting a little bit more into lipgloss, so I had to pick this up to try it out, I’ve worn it a couple times by itself and I really enjoy it, I haven’t tried it over other colors yet though.

Drip – Blotted Lip – I’ve worn this one once and I’m not sure how I really feel about it, it’s a really dry and sheer formula, which really seems like a strange ass combination to me but I’ll have to test this out a little bit more before I really have a verdict on it.

Flush’d – Super Shock Blush  – And the last thing in this haul is a blush, which I actually really like, I think it gives a really nice flush to the cheeks, pun intended. This was also a little bit difficult to work with but nothing too terrible.

So, overall I liked most of these products and am happy with them.


Now it’s time for some swatches, just so you can see how all of the products look on skin.

Here Comes The Sun Duo, Blush then Highlight.

Flush’d Super Shock Blush

Cry Baby Creme Gel Liner

Dope Taupe Brow Pencil

Best O Creme Gel Colour

Paradox Super Shock Shadow

Bill Super Shock Shadow

Come and Get It Pressed Eyeshadow

Frick N’ Frack Ultra Satin Lip

Dopey Ultra Satin Lip

Strip Ultra Satin Lip

Aquarius Ultra Glossy Lip

Drip Blotted Lip


Super Shock Eyeshadows in Billy and Paradox, Come and Get It Pressed Eyeshadow, Best O Creme Gel Liner, Pur Volume Vixen Mascara, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in Porcelain, Maybelline Dream Brightening Creamy Concealer, Dope Taupe Brow Pencil, Flush’d Super Shock Blush, Here Comes The Sun Highlighter and Strip Ultra Satin Lip.

That’s the look that I came up with, it was a little bit dramatic but I kind of loved that about it, I was really happy with how this look came out and how easy it was to actually work with all of these products. I was super impressed by Colourpop this time around.

What’s your favorite Colourpop item?

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One thought on “Colourpop Summer 2017 Haul!

  1. Great review!! I currently have the Aquarius lipgloss in my cart right now ☺️ and I have been eyeing Frick N’ Frack for soooo long now, so I’m happy to know your thoughts on it. Xoxo


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