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June 2017 Nail Wrap Up!

June 2017 NailWrap Up

It’s July! Happy July everyone! Can you guys believe that it’s already July? This year is flying by. It’s been a pretty good year for me personally but damn, I sometimes wish time would just slow down a little bit. Because of the new month I’ve decided to try out a new schedule, I do not think I can handle five days a week which I talked about in my last post, however, I do think it may be time to change it up a little and from now on I will be posting on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Unless I change my mind or completely hate that schedule, but until that time comes around we are on a new schedule.

Since it’s the start of a new month I plan on sharing all of the nail polish I’ve worn this month with you guys, I really love sharing about this because I am going through my nail polish and trying to find the duds. I didn’t wear a whole lot this month again but I am still going to share with you guys! Let’s get right into it with the first polish I wore!


This is actually two nail polishes, I’m pretty favorable of doing this if you couldn’t already tell, this is Zoya’ Brittany, which is a soft satin finish, with Zoya’s Leia overtop which gives it that really cool shift and sheen to it. Both of these nail polishes are fantastic and completely live up to the standards that I expect from the brand.


This one was so fun and I loved wearing it! I already want to put it back on my nails again but I’m trying not to double wear polishes until I’ve tried out all of the ones that I own, which is really hard to do. Anyway, this is another combo polish, I’m wearing Zoya Dot as the base and China Glaze Point Me To The Party overtop. I think this is one of the rare Zoya polishes that I don’t like and that I will be passing along,  it’s just too sheer and really hard to work with. As for the China Glaze polish, I love it! It’s really fun and I could see it working with a ton of different polishes and still looking amazing.


And this is the last one that I wore this month, I really didn’t get to wear a whole lot of nail polish and I’m completely blaming that on being so busy and just not feeling like doing it, but I’m wanting to try and test out some more nail polish this month, we’ll see how it goes. Anyway, this last one is Zoya Augustine, which is a really pretty light copper kind of shade that almost looks nude if you don’t see it shimmer, it’s very pretty and the formula is great, it is a little on the thin side but nothing that two or three coats can’t fix right up.

And those are all of the nail polishes that I’ve tried out this month, next month should have a little more I’m hoping. So that is it for this months nail wrap up, I’ll see you guys tomorrow with my monthly favorites.

What nail polish have you been rocking this past month?

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