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Five Below Finds


Five Below Finds

I have decided to do something that I thought was a fun idea, I went to Five Below and picked up some makeup to test out, which seems like a really fun idea to me. So, today I will be talking about a few products I picked up and a look the I created using it. Let’s jump on into it!

Five Below Finds

I picked up a Tattoo Junkie Lip Paint, which I have heard tons of good things about and was really excited to try, I couldn’t find these anywhere but I did see these the other day and had to get one. I’m kind of glad that I only got one, not because I think these are bad, they just aren’t anything amazing and I don’t really need a bunch. I thought that this liquid lipstick is alright, it’s really quite drying but it lasts a long time, along with it being really pigmented. So, it’s not the worst liquid lipstick that I’ve ever used but it’s not the best.

The next thing is a City Color Matte Blush, this was a surprising product, I’ve heard some good things about this blush but I wasn’t expecting a ton out of this product. This blush is really pigmented, I wasn’t using a heavy hand with this but I guess I wasn’t using a light hand either, so when I applied this it was a lot brighter than I was expecting so you have to really make sure to use a light hand with these blushes.

Glam&Beauty Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, this was something that looked so pretty when I picked it up and this was easily the most disappointing product out of the four that I picked up. These were pretty rosy shades, I was really excited about the shades as they looked pretty but I had to work so hard to build the shadows to the look that you’ll see below, they were so hard to work with and had like no color payoff.

And the last thing I picked up was the City Color Contour Palette On The Go, which was something that I was expecting nothing out of and honestly expecting it to be the worst product that I picked up, but it turned out to be my favorite product I think. I have a hard time with bronzers and contour shades, but this has a bunch of different shades that I think work really well and gives a nice variety.  I think these are nicely pigmented, not too overly pigmented or under pigmented. I really like this product!

And this is the look that I came up using all of the products that I purchased, I think it’s a pretty good and natural look, nothing exciting but nothing awful either. I do think the eyeshadow look is rather a week considering how long I worked on getting it to look like that, both otherwise I am really happy with this look.

Have you guys ever found any hidden gems like these products?


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6 thoughts on “Five Below Finds

    1. It’s a really beautiful blush and it makes me want to go back for more, but I’m trying not to because I hoard so much makeup as it is. But yeah, I really had to sheer it out, I thought I was using a light hand but apparently not. Haha.

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