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Review: Rainforest Of The Sea Foundation!

Review- Tarte Rainforest of the Sea


20170521_170245.jpgIt is time for another review, and this week I have the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation up for review. I believe you can only get this on the Tarte website and at Sephora, at least those are the only places that I’ve been able to find this foundation at. You get 1 full ounce of product and it will cost you $39.00, a little bit pricey for a foundation but I really wanted to try this out as everyone seems to love it, so I picked up a little while ago and have been trying it out since.

I am going to start out by talking about the packaging a little bit, starting with the box and then getting into the bottle of the foundation itself, which will be in the next photo. The box itself is really quite pretty, it’s some of the nicer packagings that I’ve seen and I really think it fits with the product name and everything. I like that it’s a matte box, it’s a slight ombre from blue to purple and that gold writing on it is just a nice touch, overall I quite enjoy the outside of it.

20170521_170348.jpgNow, onto the foundation bottle itself, which I also like the look of, I think it looks very nice and clean. Once again, I like the gold writing on the bottle, I really enjoy the mix of fonts that they chose, and I really like the ombre on the top of it, it looks very nice overall.

Now, while I visually like the appearance of this foundation, I do want to chat about the functional side of this product because I do have some issues with it, not enough to return it or never use it again but enough for me to mention and not be the biggest fan of. This has an eyedropper instead of a pump or something like that, which is a terrible choice for application and I don’t know why any brand would choose that when pumps exist. I don’t think this is impossible to use, it’s just difficult and would be a much smoother application if I could just pump it out, however, I like this foundation enough to suck it up and keep using, even if the eyedropper is kind of stupid.


Now, onto talking about the foundation itself, the actual product inside of the bottle, the reason why we are all here reading this review. I really love this foundation! I think this is a fantastic summer foundation, it’s really sheer and doesn’t have a ton of coverage, but I do find that it can be built up a little bit and have a smidge more coverage, but at it’s best it’s still medium coverage. Which for me is the perfect kind of coverage for the summer time, it also feels really weightless and like there isn’t anything on your skin, which is another great thing for when it’s warmer out.

I find that this foundation lasts pretty well throughout the day, I wore it all while I was in Florida and it lasted, so I think it’ll hold up pretty well just about anywhere. And it has SPF! Not a ton or enough if you ask me, but it does have SPF 15, which is a nice little bonus.

I think this foundation comes in a fair amount of shades, so I think it would be fairly easy to find a match for just about anyone. Overall, I really like the foundation and would completely suggest it to anyone who is looking for a really lightweight, sheer coverage foundation for the summer, then this may be the one for you as it is a great foundation for this time of year.


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