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Battle: Urban Decay vs. Nyx Blush Edition

Battle- Urban DecayVs. Nyx

It is the time of the month where I bring out a dupe post, this month’s battle post is between the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in the shade Rapture and the Nyx Ombre Blush in the shade Mauve Me. The Urban Decay one is $26.00 and the Nyx is $ 9.99, which is a difference if $16.99, so that is a fair chunk of change if they are dupes, that is. These two are ones that I haven’t seen posts about being dupes before, but I was looking through my stash and realized these two looked a lot alike so I decided to put them up against one another and see how it went, so let’s get into comparing and see if these two really are dupes of each other.

20170528_152559Of course, these guys are not dupes in terms of packaging, but I think that is to be expected, dupes don’t always have the same packaging. I like both of these fine, neither are my favorites but I don’t have a hatred of either, I’m just kind of neutral packaging wise here. None of this really matters but I did want to start out which this because that is what I do.

20170528_152613The powder itself is where the similarities start, these don’t look exactly the same in the pan, and not just because the Nyx one is ombre, but the color looks in the same vein but different shades of the same color, which is why I thought these two might be dupes. I think that the Urban Decay one looks quite a bit darker in the pan than the Nyx one, the darkest part of the Nyx one looks lighter but both are really pretty mauve toned blushes.

20170528_152647Now, when you swatch them side by side you can still see a bit of a difference when they aren’t blended out, the Urban Decay one is darker and more pigmented, whereas the Nyx one is a little bit more sheer and lighter, however, I do think when you blend the two out they look virtually the same. If anything, the Urban Decay on is still a little bit more pigmented and that is something that you can see when it’s blended out as well

Now, let’s talk a bit about the texture and lasting power of these two, I think they are both very soft powders and that the Urban Decay one actually kicks up a little bit more powder, which doesn’t bother me one bit but if that is something that bothers you then I would avoid that one. I think the lasting power on both of these blushes is really quite fantastic, they go on nicely, give a nice flush to the cheeks and they last for a good 8 hours without really fading much, they are really neck and neck when it comes to the formula of the powders I think.

So, overall I think these two are close enough that I might as well call them dupes, there are a couple of minor difference in pigmentation but once blended out I think they look the same and that’s really all that matters in terms of blush. So personally, I don’t really see the need in owning both, I own both but I think you could easily pick up one and be completely fine without the other.

Do you guys think these are dupes?


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