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Review: Benefit Galifornia Blush

Benefit GaliforniaReview1

I am super excited for this product because I think this is going to be a fantastic product for summer time because everything about it seems very summery to me, so instead of rambling on let me just jump in directly into this review.


I want to start this out by talking about the packaging, mostly because I think that is the most obvious thing to start with, as you can see it’s very cute! I love the packaging, it is the cutest boxed blush that I have seen from Benefit and really one of the cutest blushes that I’ve ever seen.



And then once you open the inside it is still very cute, it has a sun printed on it and a gold on the top, which is just an overlay as I’ve only used this blush a couple of times and that gold is already gone, so it is just an overlay. I’m not sure how I feel about that, I don’t like having that extra shimmer that much but I also don’t like that it starts out one way but after a few uses it changes, but either way it is what it is and I don’t know that I can do much about that.

I feel like the next thing I should talk about is the color, but instead, I’m going to take a little bit of a detour and talk about the scent of this product, yes, the scent. This product has a scent to it, which I think is the new craze because so many products have scents now, I’m not entirely sure what some of them add to the product other than just smelling better which seems a bit weird to me. I don’t mind the scent of this one, but I just wanted to bring this up in case you have sensitive skin or a really sensitive sniffer. This has a soft coconut kind of scent to it, it smells fairly natural and it’s not over the top at all, it’s a lot more subtle than other scented products that I’ve smelled and because I apply this to my cheeks, I can’t really smell it at all and it personally doesn’t irritate my skin, but in case you are sensitive beware of that.


Now we will get on to talking about the color, which you can see for yourself to the left or above but I’m still going to describe it a bit.

 This color is right up my alley and a very summery type of shade I think, which is probably kind of the point of this blush. This is a really pretty peachy coral kind of shade and this swatch is not the best, but as you may have assumed this has a faint shimmer to it, a faint gold shimmer and I think it’s very flattering and not over the top, it’s just a subtle shimmer and it give a little bit of glow to the cheek.

Now, let’s talk about the wear of this, I love the wear of this. I think this applies like a dream, it isn’t that powdery particularly and it blends out nicely, it’s also not crazy pigmented so it looks natural but I do find that it can be built up to be bolder if that’s something that you are looking for. I also think the wear of this is impressive, I don’t think it’s gonna last you 18 hours of perfect wear or anything like that, but I do find that it lasts probably 6 to 8 hours while still looking fresh and from there on it does start to fade some but I don’t expect huge things out of most products when it comes to wearing them for hours and hours.

Overall, I really love this blush and I really need to wear this more, which I’m sure I will over the next few months because like I have said too many times already, this product seems like the perfect blush for the summer months and that is something that I for sure will have to test this out some more and wear it more.

What is your favorite summer blush?


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