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Why June 2017 Was Awesome + Goals

Why June 2017Was Awesome

I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing this by now, but I can’t believe another month has gone by, this one disappeared in a blink of the eye, and to make it worse the year is already half way over. How in the hell did that happen? I’m not sure but I don’t really think there is much that I can do about it. I’m honestly not really surprised that this month went by so quickly, I have been busy, which I think may be clear by the fact that I am writing this the evening of June 29th and I still don’t have a July schedule for the blog ready. Usually, I have that done the first week of the previous month, but nope not yet, I’m hoping to catch up on a bunch of stuff this weekend. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, let’s get into talking about the busy month of June, at the beginning of the month I flew back home! Which means Orlando Florida, it was really weird being apart from my fiance seeing as we’ve spent pretty much an entire year and a half together, but it was still fun and I’m super happy I went. When I went it rained pretty much the entire week, which seemed about right but once again I still had fun. The rain did ruin some of my plans, as you could expect, I planned on going to the beach and I didn’t get to go, I also didn’t get to go outlet shopping but that wasn’t as big of a deal. I am very sad I didn’t get to go to the beach, sure there are beaches near where I live but they aren’t Florida beaches.

I did get to do some shopping, hang out with my family and some friends, ate a ton of my favorite foods that I can’t get in Virginia and had an all around a great time. Also, I went to Disney World! That was super exciting and really fun, I went with a good friend of mine and it was a great day. It did rain for a little bit but we timed it perfectly and had lunch when it was raining. We rode some rides, saw a few shows and of course I picked up a bag of cotton candy.

Once I got home I’m not sure what happened, but I was super busy at work and just have barely had time to catch up on blog things, I’ve kept up with everything else that I’m doing pretty well and while I’ve kept up with all the posts on here, I’ve been writing the day before for a little while. I’m hoping everything calms down a little bit and I can get some of my stuff together, but we’ll see.

Now, I’m going to talk about something that I don’t usually do in this post but am thinking about doing from now on, that is talking about my goals for the upcoming month. This seemed like a good idea and something that I wanted to try out, some months I may have a bunch of goals and others I may have only one but I plan on doing this at the bottom of each months post. So now let’s talk about some goals I have for the month of July.

No Buy. This is something that I plan on setting for myself and hopefully, I’ll be able to do it. I’ve got too much stuff and have purchased a ton this month, so for July I’m going to try not to purchase anything, with the exception of one sale I am going to. Already breaking my no buy, but does it really count if I say it beforehand as an exception?

Eating Better. This is still something that I am struggling with and I really want to complete this, even though I’m not sure there is really completing this. I’m hopefully going to focus in on this one.

I want to continue beating my previous months views. I think this one is pretty straightforward, every month this year my blog has grown and each month I get more views then the last one. I plan on going back to posting four times a week instead of five, mostly because five was very difficult, sure I have tons of ideas but keeping up with things was hard so I think four days a week will be plenty. I’m hoping to keep up with my views growing, I’m a little nervous with less posts next month but we’ll see.

Was June an awesome month for you?

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Review: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince + Hello Sailor

Lipstick Queen Duo Review

I feel like I’ve been doing a fair amount of reviews and I think that’s a good thing, I have tons of things to review and tons of things that I could still decide to review, but either way today I have a review ready for you guys and I’m actually reviewing two products, they came in a little set together and I didn’t want to split them up. So, let’s get into this review.

20170420_155333.jpgI don’t think I can express how excited I was to see this set, I had the full intention to pick up the shade Hello Sailor but then this set came out and it was only ten more dollars than the one, so I decided to finally bite the bullet and pick this set up. This set is for sale on the Ulta website, here, and it’s currently $35.00 for both of these lipsticks, which does seem a little bit steep but I love the idea of these and am super glad that I picked these up.

Let me talk a little bit about these, these lipsticks are a little bit strange, Hello Sailor is a blue lipstick and Frog Prince is a green lipstick, which at this point in time isn’t that strange, those are colors that are becoming more normal to see, but these are not actually those colors. These are some of those really cool color changing lipsticks, which I am sure is really simple to figure out but I love the idea of because they are really cool. My fiance thinks I’m weird but I like the idea of looking like I’m applying blue lipstick and really it’s a super wearable shade.


I’m going to start out with the one that I used the most and that is the Hello Sailor lipstick, which is the blue one as you can probably tell. This is something that I really wanted and is actually something that I find myself reaching for a fair amount, which is something that I am happy about.

Anyway, this is a blue lipstick that once applied to the lips, starts to change and adjusts to the perfect sheer plum kind of shade, it’s really cool and it always looks so good. I think that is another reason why I like this kind of ‘color changing’ lipsticks, they are just really easy to apply and so effortless, at least in my experience that’s how these are.

This changes on the lips fairly quickly, I did not time it which I am kind of regretting now but it’s too late, well, kind of. This does change quickly and is just a really great, sheer shade on the lips.

20170420_155422.jpgI know, I didn’t talk about the feeling on the lips and really the texture of these lipsticks at all yet, but I’m going to talk about them both in the next little bit as they have the same kind of formula to them, just different colors.

So, onto Frog Prince, which is the green one if you couldn’t tell, and if it wasn’t obvious with the name of this one.  This one looks green but when it’s applied to the lips it adjust to your perfect sheer hot pink shade. While I think this one is still sheer and easy to just swipe on, I do find that this one has a bit more pigment to it then the previous.

So now, I think it is time to start talking about the formula and wear of these two lipsticks. Since they are sheer I think it should be pretty obvious that these lipsticks are very moisturizing, which is a big plus to me, while I love liquid lipsticks sometimes it’s nice to have something that doesn’t dry out the lips but instead is very moisturizing.

20170420_155455.jpgBecause these are sheer I am sure you are thinking that these won’t have a lot of lasting power, and if I’m being completely honest, you’d be completely right. This lipstick doesn’t have a lot of lasting power to it and I do find myself having to reapply a lot actually, but I’m alright with that since these two lipsticks are super moisturizing. Plus, these colors are always really pretty and really effortless, so I’m not really bothered by this,

I think the last thing that I really need to address is scent, which I just sniffed both of these because I really couldn’t remember if these had much scent to them, they do not, they are basically fragrance-free.

So, if you’re looking for a really fun yet natural, really moisturizing lipstick then this is something that you might want to check out. I will say this though, as much as I enjoy these and as fun as I think they are, I really wouldn’t consider this something that someone needs. It is a really great product and if you’re looking for something fun, this is fun but it’s not earth shattering.

What do you guys think about color changing lipstick?

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Sephora Play Box : June 2017

Sephora Play BoxJune 2017

It’s time for another Sephora Play box unboxing, this one is for the month of June, which I’m sure you could tell by the title and for the fact that I do one ever month. If you interested in checking out last months, feel free to. This month will be my last month with this box, it has officially been a year and while I enjoyed my time with this box, I’ve just not been super excited about the past couple boxes and I have so many samples, I went through the products I’ve gotten in the past and just decided to cancel my subscription. I might go back sometime, but for right now I think I’m done with it. Anyway, let’s jump into this months box.

Well, actually I’m going to start this out the way I usually do before jumping into the box itself, I’m going to talk about Mays box, my favorite and least favorite product from the last month. Let’s start with my least favorite, my least favorite was the GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper. I’m just not super into lip plumpers and I really didn’t like this, so that’s why it’s my least favorite product. Now, let’s talk about my favorite product from last month which has for sure been the treStiQue Highlight & Perfect Multipurpose stick, this has a such a pretty shimmery finish to it that isn’t too much and I really love that about it. And now we can get into the box from this month.

June 2017 Sephora Play Box

First Aid Beauty Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer. This one is a mouthful, isn’t it? Yes, I think it is. I’m still excited about this, I’ve never heard of this product but it does sound like a product that I would really enjoy. So, I am excited to get to try this product out.

Benefit The Porefessional Face Primer. This is one of my favorites! I’ve had a sample size of this before and have a deluxe sized sample of this at this moment, this is probably the best primer that I’ve ever tried so I’m happy to have another little sample size of it because I do like this product.

YSL Black Opium. A perfume sample! I actually remembered to photograph one for once, which is, of course, the last time that I plan on doing it with this box. I did not like this sample, which is also probably no surprise seeing as I haven’t really liked any perfume samples that I’ve gotten so far.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub. This is something I have mixed feelings about. I was so excited to see that this was included in this box, I’ve wanted to try the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipsticks for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger on them The color of this is just awful though, at least for me it is, I don’t wear a whole lot of bright or dark lip colors, but I’m trying to branch out however a Barney kind of purple isn’t the shade that I’m going for.

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil. I’m not so sure about this one, I’m not a big rose scent fan and I’m so so when it comes to oils, so we’ll see how this one goes. I have tried some products from this brand before and enjoyed them, so this may also be something I enjoy.

IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel. This one is another one that I am not sure about. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do with gel, I’ll probably give this a go or two before I pass this along and see if this is something that I can get behind.

And that is the Sephora Play box for the month of June, and my very last one. I’m not super excited about this box and I think I made the right choice, I have so much stuff and I just haven’t been excited about this box in a little while. I will miss getting the box itself in the mail every month though, that was really fun and enjoyable but it’s just not the right fit for me I think.

If I were to try out another beauty box, which one should I try?

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Summer Tag!

Summer Tag!

It’s officially summer time! As some of you may be aware and I have been waiting so long for this, I’m not used to normal falls, springs, and winters so this past year has been a little bit rough, but summer is something I know, love and am excited about! And because of that, I’ve decided to do a few summer posts in celebration! And today I’ve decided to do a really fun tag, the summer tag, the slight catch is that I couldn’t find one that I liked all of the questions so I just kind of made my own, I picked a few questions here and there and combined them into this tag. So, a little bit of cheating was involved. Anyway, let’s jump right on into the questions.

Are you a summer person?

Yes, 100% I love the summer!

Your dream summer vacation?

Oh, somewhere fun and on the beach. I’d really love to go to Key West because I’ve always wanted to go, but I’m not limited to there. Anywhere that’s pretty, is a beach and I’m not at work.

Favorite summer drink?

Probably lemonade or water, really boring but really great drink choices I think.

Fireworks or Fireflies?

Fireworks, however, I am enjoying the fireflies, I never had them growing up.

S’mores or ice cream?

Ice cream! Hands down!

Watermelon or Strawberries?

This one is super easy, Watermelon. It’s my favorite fruit and possibly my favorite food ever.

What is the weather like where you live in the summer?

I am from Florida, so summers for me used to be super hot and humid, but I moved to Virginia and this is my second summer here, it’s a lot different. It’s hot and humid here but it hasn’t been consistent, there have even been some days where it was in the 70’s and that is not something I’m used to.

Pool or Beach?

 Both? This is hard, pools are fun on those days that you don’t want to travel or the water is all churned up, or if you want to just swim casually but beaches are fantastic and beautiful. So both.

What is your favorite lip color this summer?

Probably Hello Sailor by Lipstick Queen

Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix?

It really depends on when you catch me, right now inside watching Netflix.

Favorite summer nail polish?

Probably Essie’s Mojito Madness, it’s a really gorgeous green shade and the formula is amazing!

 Favorite summer scent?

The smell of watermelon count?

Bikinis, tankinis, or one piece?

Either bikinis or on pieces.

What is your favorite summer candle?

Sugared Lemon from Bath & Body Works

What is your favorite thing about the summer?

The beach.

Are you excited about the summer?


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Summer 2017 Essentials

SummerYes, it’s the first day of summer so I’ve decided to share just a few of my summer essentials with you guys, I came up with a fairly short list of products that I will be using frequently this summer. I’m just going to jump on into this list!

Alright, let’s start out with the Lush Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub,  this isn’t something that I always have on hand and it’s not something that I always get, but it is something I enjoy especially in the summertime. I like to scrub down with this, especially my legs right after I shave them. I love the scent of this scrub, the feel and overall this scrub.

The next product is something that you can no longer get in the exact form that I have it and that is the Mac Fix + CoconutI really love this! If you couldn’t already tell that by now seeing as I talk about it way too much, but I just really love it! I think it prolongs the wear of my makeup, it really gets rid of that powdery look on the face and the light coconut scent this product had.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush in How Deep Is Your Love? This is a little bit newer to me but I think this shade of blush is a really fun shade and I also think it’s really perfect for the summer time! It’s warm pink shade, it’s really bright and it lasts really well on the cheeks, which I think is a great recipe for a fantastic summer blush.

Up next is something that is really new to me and is limited edition, but fantastic for summer and that is the Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl in Diamond Dust.  This is a really fun and interesting highlighter, which I feel is great for the summer time because the summer is for fun things, right? That what I think at least. This is a fun pinky, duo chrome like highlight that is just really gorgeous.

This next one is something that I really think I need, just because skin protection is important, which is the Aquaphor Lip Balm + SunscreenThis is probably the least exciting product on this list but it’s a very important one nonetheless.

Physcians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer is the perfect summer product I think, this just seems like the summer bronzer and product. This is a bronzer, which just seems perfect for this list and then on top of that it smells like coconut, which when you add the two together it makes for the perfect summer bronzer, and really the perfect anytime bronzer.

  The last thing on this is a really a great product, although I wish it had a little bit more SPF to it because that would make this perfect, this product is the Pixi Sun Mist. This is a really great product for the warm, sunny weather that is the summer time, it makes it really easy to put on some sun protection on my face and it’s quick, which I really enjoy.

And those are all of my summer essentials, well, those are most of my summer essentials. What I could come up anyway, I’m sure there are more things that I will think of and come across as the season goes on, but at the start of it these are products that I can see myself using the entire season.

What are your favorite summer products?


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My First Time Tag!

My First Time Tag

I had something else planned for today, but it just didn’t turn out the way that I wanted it to so that is something that I will have to save for a later date I think, so I’ve decided to do something that I saw recently on The Bookish Wanderer Blog, that is the My First Time Tag. This seemed really fun and like something that I wanted to do! So let’s just get right on into the questions!

My First Language?

English and it is still the only language that I speak, I really want to learn another language but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

My First Toy?

I’m pretty sure it was a stuffed rattle that played you are my sunshine when you squeezed it, which I still have, I’m just not completely sure that it was my first toy but close enough.

First Person You Subscribed To On Youtube?

I’m not really sure but probably someone like Shane Dawson.

Where Was Your First Sleepover?

Probably sometime when I was six or seven and at my best friend at the times house, however, it was no successful as her house was nasty and I couldn’t stay there, I won’t go into detail but I will say that. My first successful sleepover was probably a few years later.

First Book I Remember Reading?

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Gift, one hundred percent is the first book that I ever read, my grandma bought it for me at a yard sale and I still have it sitting on my bookshelf, it’s something that I’ve kept for so long and am really glad that I did.

First Movie You Remember Seeing?

I think it was the Little Mermaid.

My First Ever Cell Phone?

Was a flip phone that I could only make calls on and I stuck choco cat stickers on, it wasn’t fancy at all but I was so excited to have it so I could call my friends.

My First Fear?

Raccoons, I never really understood why either and they still really creep me out, I think I can handle them a little bit better now but I don’t think it’s at the top of my list any longer.

First Makeup Item?

Probably some sort of lip gloss from LipSmackers.

First Time I Ever Got In Trouble At School?

Honestly, I’m not sure that I ever got in trouble at school.

My First Job?

I mowed grass for a little while.

The First Thing I Do Ever Morning?

Probably either grab for my glasses or my phone.

My First Thought Today?

I honestly have no idea what my first thought was today.

The First Text I Sent Today?

I haven’t sent any texts yet.

First Broken Bone?

I’ve actually never broken a bone before, but I have sprained my ankle really badly twice so far, I’m kind of waiting to break that ankle because of how many times I’ve sprained it.

My First Piercing?

Were my ears when I was 16, my mom never wanted me to get my ears pierced but I finally talked her into it, now I have two holes in each ear.

My First Tattoo?

I do not have any.

The First Concert I Ever Attended?

Was a Van Halen concert, my dad one four tickets and a trip off the radio station, so he brought me, my sister and mom along.

The First Person You Text When Something Exciting Happens?

It really depends on what happened, but most of the time I would say my fiance is the first person I text about exciting things, if I’m not with him of course.

My First Ever Boyfriend?

We are no longer together, his name was Carl and he was from Maryland.

My First Ever Date?

I think was getting Italian ice with said boy above.

My First Ever Kiss?

Was also with said boy above, I can’t remember where we were but it was awkward, I know that much. Haha.

I think that was a pretty fun tag, I had a lot of fun reading some of them and a lot of fun filling it out, so I tag anyone who wants to do this because it was fun and I would love to read your guys responses?

Will you do this tag?


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Travel Diary: Florida 2017

I Went To Florida!

If you follow me on social media or if you’ve seen my post about my travel makeup bag, then you are probably aware that I was in Florida for a little bit this past week, and because of that, I’ve decided to share my trip with you, which unsurprisingly I did not take enough pictures of so I will not be sharing pictures in this blog post, instead just chatting about my trip. So, let’s get on with the Florida trip.

I got in on Wednesday last week, had a pretty boring flight and planned on surprising my family as no one knew I was in the state, except for a couple of friends, one of which was picking me up. We completely surprised my mom and sister, they didn’t see it coming at all and it was really fantastic and quite funny if you ask me. We also surprised my dad but, him being him, was not as excited, granted I still think he was excited to see me he just didn’t show it as much.

I had plans to hang out with a friend and meet her baby on Thursday, which we did and that took up most of that day, so that was my second day in Florida after my first of surprising.

The Friday that I was there I was supposed to go to the beach, which we decided not to since it was supposed to rain the week that I was there, but of course, it didn’t rain the slightest bit on that day and it was the perfect weather for the beach. I couldn’t get anyone up and ready to go with me in a timely manner so I gave up on the quest and instead we went shopping. That was fun and of course, I got some new things, which you will see in an upcoming haul, nothing too much but a few things.

My big day was Saturday, that was the day that a good friend of mine took me to Disneyworld, which is always fun and of course on that day it was fun too. We went on a few rides, met a few characters, had a lot of fun and walked a ton. Overall, it was a really fun day and I would love to do it again the next time I’m in Florida, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with that.

Sunday was my last day in Florida and the only full day I had that I didn’t plan a single thing for, mostly because my dad only has that day off fully so I wanted to be able to spend time with him, plus it was my last day in Florida and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. We ended up doing a tiny bit of shopping, getting cupcakes and then coming home and just hanging out, which was honestly really fun and enjoyable. I got to watch American Pickers which I quite enjoy and never get to watch since we don’t have the channel it comes on.

And on Monday I packed up my things and headed back to Virginia. I missed here, I missed my fiancee and my cats, but it was nice to go to Florida and see my family, so I’m really glad that I did that as overall it was a really good trip and I enjoyed it.

Have you guys gone anywhere fun recently?


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Healthy Update: June 2017

Healthy Update-June 2017

A few months ago I talked about doing seasonal healthy updates, I did the first one back in March and now it’s June so I figured it was time to do another update, the season does change this month and it has been three months, so here I am with another update on how I’m doing.

The last time I posted I had been working out for about a month in a half and has just started a 100 workout challenge with my friend, a fair amount has changed since then. I am still working out but I have given up on that challenge, it was hard and something that just kind of seemed stupid. What I’m doing now is working out five days a week, this is my second month doing that, two days a week I run and three days a week I workout at home doing weights and things. Occasionally I will switch it up and run three days and workout here 2 days but not very often.

This is my fifth month of working out, I’ve had a few days here and there that I’ve missed a workout, but I think that is bound to happen and that’s alright. I’m really proud of myself for committing to this and I’m still going, I’m at a point where I’m not sure if I’m ever going to really fall off this wagon, but I guess at this point I’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m working on eating better now too, which is something that I am finding a little bit harder, but it is something that I am trying to buckle down on and focus. I’ve also taken some photos of a little grocery haul I had a few weeks ago and I figured I’d share it in this post, it just made sense to me and seemed to fit pretty well. So, here it is!


I have not lost any weight yet, which is a little bit annoying but I have been taking measurements and I’ve lost some there, which I am more than happy to take. I’ve also noticed a lot more muscle on my body, well a lot for me, especially in the arm area. I know it’s not all about appearance but I just wanted to talk about that a little bit.

I’m feeling really good, both physically and mentally, my body is feeling stronger and I’m a little bit more energetic, which I didn’t think was possible. And mentally I’m feeling a lot more confident in myself, which is something that I am really enjoying, it’s nice to feel more comfortable in my skin and more confident, I’m a big fan.

And I think that’s really everything that I have to say for this check in!


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Review: Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick

Nars Dolce Vita Reivew1

It is time for me to review a product that I got a little over a month ago but is something that I have been lusting after forever, which is the Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita. Apparently, I am slowly starting to collect all things, Dolce Vita, which I am completely alright with seeing as this is a gorgeous shade. I recently posted a review of the blush in Dolce Vita, which is also gorgeous. I just love this shade!

 20170426_142251.jpgThe Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita is available at a few different places now, Sephora, Ulta and the Nars website to name just a few of the places you can pick this product up, it is 0.12 oz of product and retails for $28.00. This is a little bit steep for a lipstick and is on of the most expensive lipsticks that I’ve ever purchase, but I am very happy with the purchase and do not regret anything about picking up this lipstick.

I guess I will start with the packaging, the packaging is very classic Nars packaging, it’s very simple and clean lined which is something that I like. It’s just a matte black square lipstick tube, with the white Nars logo on it, very simple and very straightforward, I quite like it. The only thing that I may have a complaint about is that they get dirty very easily because of the dark color and the matte textures, which also isn’t the best feeling in the hand but I don’t mind that as much.


There’s nothing quite as nice as a smooth, brand new and untouched lipstick tube, too bad I’ve already used this and ruined that perfect look. Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the scent of this one because I really like it. I do not find the scent of this to be overwhelming at all, it’s very subtle but it is something that I notice, no typically on the lips but more when it’s in the tub.e

Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the scent of this one because I really like it. I do not find the scent of this to be overwhelming at all, it’s very subtle but it is something that I notice, no typically on the lips but more when it’s in the tube. This smells exactly like the Lush Don’t Look at Me Fresh Face Mask to me, it has that slightly lemon grass and citrus kind of scent to it and that is something that I love as I am a big fan of citrus scents. I know that is very strange that it reminds me of that but it was the first thing that I could think and now it is the only thing that I think of when I smell this.


The color of this is stunning, it’s a really pretty my lips but better kind of shade for me personally, it’s a really soft rosy kind of shade. I love the finish of this as well, it’s a really sheer finish and glossy, it just looks really nice and natural, like a soft rose tint to the lips. This is not a lipstick for you if you are looking for a lot of color pay off, but if you want a nice sheer wash of color this is perfect.

The wear of this is surprisingly good, especially considering it’s a sheer finish, I find that it lasts on the lips pretty well. I do have to reapply but I think that is to be expected, there are very few lip colors that don’t need to be reapplied especially sheer glossy ones.

But, overall I really like this lipstick and am super glad that I picked this up, I could for sure see myself picking up another lipstick from this line because it’s really nice, even if it is a bit pricey for a lipstick. It smells really good, it looks really nice, feels great on the lips and I find that it lasts pretty well.

What are your favorite Nars products?



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Summer 2017 Wishlist!

Add heading

It’s time for another seasonal wish list, a few months ago I posted a spring clothing wishlist and I’ve decided with it now pretty much-being summer that it was probably time to do one for the summer time, however this time around I’ve done a mix of products. Which really just means makeup, skincare and clothes basically, but still it’s a mixture of things that I am lusting after this warm season.

31ApstpzFIL Let’s start this list off with something very random, something small and very cute, the Tonymoly Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Cream in the scent Raspberry. Ulta carries a few of these currently but not this scent, and if I’m being completely honest I think I would like the scent but I really just want a cute little bit gummy bear to sit on my desk. Yes, I am aware that’s kind of a stupid reason for wanting something but I also really like hand creams and find myself using them a lot at work. Plus this one is just really cute!

52046189Let’s continue one with the kind of strange and weird products, let’s talk about these earrings from the SUGARFIX by BaubleBar collection for Target. I know these are kind of tacky and a little bit out there, but I still really like them and think that they would be a really fun and interesting piece for the spring and summer time, even if I’m not sure how often I would wear them. I just really like the colors and think they look super fun, so I may have to get my hands on these the next time I am in a Target.

41PhjmTGjLLI am a lover of nail polish as you may know, I also really like glitter even though I don’t wear it enough and in the summer time I love bright, fun things like most people, so I think this nail polish has all of those things. The is the China Glaze Polish in Point Me To The Party. This looks like it would be a super fun glitter topper to so many different colors and I really want to get my hands on it, or better yet it on my nails.

61brSII68IL._SX522_Another slightly strange item but a product that I think fits really well with the summer theme, mostly because everyone seems to be obsessed with beachy waves in the summer time. This is a Bed Head Wave Artist, which I have heard very good things about and seen some really great pictures of the aftermath of this. I am also not really a big hair person, I’m not good at doing hair and I’m usually really lazy about when I do because I just don’t like putting in the effort much, however, this seems like it’s very user-friendly and very easy to do so I am interested in this just for something a little bit different.

52309833I really like this dress from Target, I think this is very pretty, soft and summery which sounds like the perfect recipes for something on this list. The thing about this dress is I’m not really sure where I would wear it because while it doesn’t seem fancy it also doesn’t seem super casual, but I’m still loving the look of this dress and kind of lusting after this. Also, I think this would make a very pretty bridal dress for my rehearsal/if I start feeling hot and don’t want to wear my wedding dress any longer but I’m not sure about that.

51731865These sandals are the next thing on this list, they are from Target like half of the things on this list. I saw these and knew that they had to go on this list because I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to get these, they belong in my closet. I adore sandals and I really love beaded things, so I really need to get my feet into these.


Let’s throw it to some makeup, one of the few cosmetic items that are on this list is the Nars Orgasm Blush.  I don’t need this at all, but this is so hyped up and looks so pretty that I’m kind of drooling over it currently. This is one of the things on this list that I may not pick up, but I am still lusting over it.


I recently got a sample of the Mario Badescu Hylauronic Eye Cream and tried it out for a few days, I think I really love this stuff! I mean I only tried it out for a few days but now I really want to get the full size and see how it does because I really loved the sample size. I am never sure if eye cream does anything but when I tried this one I felt like it actually did.

52139802This dress from Target is the next thing that is on the list, I think this is really cute and the shape of this dress is a shape that I love. I also bought a romper recently that I think is this pattern as well, so clearly I am very favorable of this pattern. I really want to try on this dress and see how it goes.

CaptureThese Steven Madden Sandals are the next thing on the list, which means that this is the last thing on the list. I love these sandals so much because they look so metallic and I love that look! I think these sandals are very simple but that may also be a little bit of the reason why I’m really into them, they seem like something that could go with anything.

And those are all of the things that I am lusting after for the summer time, some a relvent to the summer and some are just things I’m really interested in at the moment, but either way this is still a wishlist. Because I am a shopaholic I’ll probably end up with most of the things from this list, but we will just have to wait and see what I think of a few of them.

What’s on your summer wishlist?


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