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Why May 2017 Was Awesome

Why May Was Awesome

It’s the time of the month where I talk about the past month for me, which is usually super boring but on occasion, it’s not and either way, it is something that I really enjoy doing so I’m going to keep doing it. Anyway, let’s jump on into this post and get on talking about the month of May in the year 2017.

I don’t think a whole lot of interesting things went on this month, I worked a lot, I got sick once, I’ve been working out and just those kind of things. We did take a day off this past month and stayed in the next town over for the night, nothing super exciting but it was something nice and peaceful, it was something that I feel like both my Fiance and I needed.

Another thing we did this month was we went and got engagement photos taken, which was something that was fun, and a little bit itchy since they were taken outside. We took our photos along a highway, basically, but it’s a very pretty highway that has a bunch of places to stop because of the river it runs along. Anyway, I’m excited to see those photos but we haven’t gotten those back yet. I am so excited to see them!

Now, for something blog related that I am pretty excited about, every month this year I have gotten more views than the previous month and I did that this month too, May has officially brought me more views than April and I’m very excited about the progress that I am making blog wise! I blog because I like to but it’s also nice to see more people viewing and interacting, I’m very excited about it!

I think that’s really all that I have for this month, pretty boring as usual but I wanted to talk about these things. I think next months monthly wrap-up will be a little bit more fun but that’s because I have some really fun things planned.

How was your May?


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