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Top 5 Under $5

Top 5 Under $5

I’ve seen a bunch of different people do this and it seemed like a really fun and challenging thing to do, not that there aren’t great products that under $5 but there really aren’t a whole lot of them. I think it’s really important to share the drugstore gems, it’s always nice to find out about something that is great, cheap and easily accessible I think. So, let’s get into it and find out what my top 5 are.


This is a really great mix of products, which I tried to do, I also tried to mix the brands up a little bit instead of just picking all elf products or anything like that, so I’m pretty impressed with the mix I’ve come up with and I really enjoy all of the products in this photo.

We are going to start with the e.l.f. Illuminating Mist & Set, this is 2.02 oz for $4.00 on their website, which I think is a really great deal because that is a lot of spray for a small price tag. I have tried all three versions of the setting sprays from elf and I think the illuminating one is my favorite, the other two are good as well but I think I’ve just really been enjoying dewy and luminous makeup, so this just seemed like an obvious choice to me.

Next up is the Essence Make Me Brow,  which is $2.99 for 0.13 oz or product. I personally use the shade Soft Browny Brows and it’s my favorite, I think this is such a great value for what it is because in my honest opinion this is nearly identical to the Benefit ones in similar packaging but for just a tiny fraction of the price.

L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer, this is $4.99 for 0.28 oz of product, I have this in two shades myself but the one I use the most is in the shade Porcelain, of course, I’m always going for the lightest shade. This is a really well-loved product, everyone seems to talk about it and I finally gave in this year to try it out, I’m such a sucker and a makeup lover, this is probably why I have so much crap. But anyway, enough of that, I really like the formula of this, it has a lot of coverage but I don’t find it to feel thick at all and barely ever notice that it’s there, so I’m for sure a fan of this.

This next one is another one that barely comes in under 5 dollars, but it does and I think that it should still count, that is the Nyx Butter Gloss, these retail for $4.99 for 0.23oz of product. These also come in a large variety of shades, which I appreciate and think is very nice, it even has a couple of more out there type shades. I don’t have a ton of these, yet anyway, but I really like the couple that I have. These are fairly pigmented glosses, they are inexpensive and they feel very nice on the lips, not overly stick either and overall it’s just a really nice lipgloss.

And now onto the last product to round out this list of 5, that is the  Wet ‘N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder, which will run you $4.99 for 0.19oz of product. I have this in the shade precious petals and that is the only one I can really vouch for, but it’s a really great highlighter, very flattering, very shimmery highlight. This one isn’t for someone that is looking for a soft glow, this is for someone who is looking for a little bit more in your face, it can be a little lighter or built up a lot more, but nothing is really soft. I really love this highlight.

What are some products you love under $5?


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