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Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes

Tarte Amazonian ClayBlush Review

I was going to do separate reviews for these blushes, but since they are from the same line and everything, I’ve decided to lump them together in one just cause I thought it would be more effective. So, today we will be talking about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes in the Shades Blushing Bridge and Captivating, which I hauled during the 21 days of beauty. These are regularly $29 but I got them half off, it was a really good deal and these are the first that I’ve ever owned, but I really had to limit myself to only getting two otherwise I would have bought way more and I’m now kind of regretting not picking up a couple more. But enough of that, let’s jump on into to the review of these two blushes.

The boxes that these come in are very simple, which is very much how I expect most Tarte products to be, very simple and clean looking. The boxes are the signature Tarte purple and I quite enjoy this, it makes me a lot less likely to want to cling to packaging that I really don’t need. Does anyone else have that problem?

When you open the box this is the compact itself that houses the blush, it’s also very simple and I kind of like that, once again it feels very much like the brand Tarte, not a lot of frills but still kind of pretty. The outside shade reflects the shade of the blush, which I very much like because it makes it super easy to spot which color you are looking for and even decide on what color you want to wear, good idea Tarte.

Let’s talk about the inside for a moment, this blush doesn’t have super bulky packaging as it looks like it’s almost all blush, which is also something that I really quite enjoy. I just don’t like bulky packaging and really love a brand that doesn’t use it, most of the Tarte product that I own are very streamline and I like that consistency. Now, I’m gonna talk a little about each one on their own.

We’re going to start out with the one that I see myself using a whole lot more over the summer time and that is the one in the shade Captivating, this is a matte orangey peachy color. This just kind of screams summer to me and it’s basically summer.

This is a nice blush, this isn’t overly pigmented but it’s also not underly pigmented, it’s kind of just right for a really natural flush over color on the cheeks, it just makes it super easy. That is something that I really appreciate, sometimes it’s just really nice to use something that is really natural looking and something that is just super easy to work with. Really, all the time it’s nice to work with something that is super easy to use but I’m not always looking for a super natural flush.

These swatch a bit terribly but they apply like a dream, this one also has so much lasting power, it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would and that is a good thing. The texture of this isn’t as soft as I thought it would be but at the same time, it’s not really powdery either because of that, while still being easy to use.

So, overall I really like this shade and really see myself using this often during the next few months. Now, onto the other shade.

20170416_091049.jpgThis is the shade Blushing Bride and this really reminds me more of a fall kind of color, so I see myself using this a little more in the fall time but at the same time, this is neutral enough to be able to use anytime. Or, if you’re like me it doesn’t really matter however I just think this is more of an autumnal shade.

I think this is similar to the last one, as one would probably assume, so this one also doesn’t swatch the best, it’s not super pigmented but it’s not underwhelming in the least either, it’s just a really middle of the road kind of natural flush on the cheek. So, it’s just really easy to work with and I never really feel like I’m going to overdue it with this one, which is such a nice thing because sometimes overly pigmented things are just a little bit difficult to work with.

This is a mauvey rose kind of color, it’s very pretty and something that I’m loving, this is a color I kind of just naturally go towards, I think both of these shades are. This isn’t really soft in terms of texture either but it’s also not powdery, so that is nice, a little bit different for a blush though.

Overall I like this one, it’s a really nice flush that’s fairly neutral but would look amazing in the fall time with a warm eye look or even something a bit more calm.

I think these blushes are really amazing as a whole, they have really impressive lasting power and they have a really wide variety of shades, which is also something else that is really nice. The packaging is simple and straightforward and overall I just think these blushes are really nice and completely worth picking up, I may even have to pick up a couple more sometime in the future.

Have you guys tried these blushes?


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