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Z Palette Tour

Z Palette Tour

Yes! This lovely Sunday I will be sharing with you guys what I have in my Z palette, actually two different palettes, one is a Z palette and the other is some generic thing I got off of amazon for traveling. Before we begin looking over and chatting about what is inside the z palettes, let me tell you a sad story that happened during the making of this post. I was photographing my Z palette and one of my very cute, but destructive cats jumped where I was and my palette came crashing to the ground. Luckily only one eyeshadow broke completely and one crumbled a little, but considering how many were in there I’m calling it a win. And now that I’ve shared that story we can get into talking about the eyeshadows.

But first, you might want to grab a drink and a snack because it’s looking like this one is going to be a long one.


This is my large purple Z Palette, there’s not really a rhyme or reason to it, I just kind of shoved things there where they fit and went with it. I’ll be talking about this in rows, even though the rows are a little bit wonky I think they are fairly straight forward so let’s jump on in.

Top Row:

Morphe Lustrous. I am not a huge fan or Morphe shadows, at least not the singles, I got five to sample and none of them are really that great, they aren’t terrible either though. This is one of the better ones, it may be that this one is just more of a color that I love or that it’s just better.

Makeup Geek Latte. I adore Makeup Geek shadows, I don’t think I own a single one that isn’t fantastic. This one is a really great matte that I think is perfect for the crease, it blends well and just goes with a ton of looks.

Makeup Geek Blackout. This is a duo chrome from the brand and I really need to pick this one up because this one is amazing, I wear this a lot more than I thought I would because this is so fun. I would completely suggest that anyone who is looking for something a little fun in terms of eyeshadow to pick this one up.

Makeup Geek Taupe Notch. This is the one that broke just a tiny bit, I’m so sad about it but there isn’t much I can do. This one is really soft and is matte, it’s very cool and I think this also works well as a crease color, just a cooler toned one.

Makeup Geek Chit Chat. I just don’t use this one enough and I don’t know why, this one has a really soft and pigmented feel to it, like most Makeup Geek shadows do in my experience, but I just don’t find myself reaching for this that often.

Makeup Geek Peacock. I use this one often when I’m trying to darken up a blue or purple kind of look, I haven’t played with it a whole lot outside of those colors but I really should because this one is really beautiful.

Makeup Geek Petal Pusher. This is so buttery soft and blends amazingly, I often use this in the crease but sometimes I’ll use this as a lid shade for a slightly darker look, however it is used it’s super easy to work with and a very pretty shade.

Row Two:

Anastasia Gleam. This is in that realm of colors that I love, it’s just a slightly more golden version of that champagne color I love. This one is really nice and very bold without being completely over the top.

Makeup Geek Tiki Hut. I adore this shade, it’s nothing out there but it’s also something that is kind of a little bit different than the normal brown shade, it has a bit of a yellow note to it, so it is very warm toned and I just really love everything about this one.

Morphe Rosewood. This color looks completely stunning and it really reminds me of the modern renaissance palette a lot, it looks like something that’s in there already though the quality isn’t as good, but if you’re looking for something that looks kind of like love letter from that palette this might be it.

Morphe Nature’s Calling. I love this shade as well, it’s like a mid-tone forest kind of green kind of shade and I love that, it’s a little bit hard to get a color payoff from this one but you can, it just takes a little bit of working with it to get there.

Morphe B.A.M. This beautiful blue shade is a little bit hard to work with as well, you can for sure get some get some beautiful matte, bright blue from it though. This isn’t the worst

Bronx Colors Lavender. This is a brand that is only sold online and on Ulta’s website, at least I’ve never seen it in store anywhere, and it was a random purchase for me but as soon as I tried something else from the brand I had to try these. This is a really pretty, light lavender shade and it’s very soft and easy to work with.

Bronx Colors Android Green. And here is another one from the brand, this one is gorgeous and probably one of the best eyeshadows I own, the other ones are nice but if they were all like this I would have bought ever single eyeshadow I could get my hands on from this brand. This is very shimmery, very soft and very pigmented, a little goes a long way and it is insanely easy to work with.

Row Three 

Makeup Geek Homecoming. I think this one is almost like an in-between step between the shades Latte and Taupe Notch from Makeup Geek, like if the two had a baby. So, as you may have already assumed this one makes a fantastic crease shade just like the other two. I don’t think one really needs to own all of these but I do, so

Sugarpill Frostine. These were a lot larger than I had thought they were going to be, I didn’t do a lot of research so I expected these to be the same size as all the others but as you can see Sugarpill singles are much larger. I love this color, it’s a really soft kind of light purple, almost lavender shade and it’s matte, it’s very very easy to work with and I love it quite a bit.

Sugarpill Kim Chi. I had to pick this one up, it’s a really gorgeous matte blue kind of color that I very much love, it’s very pigmented, matte and super easy to work with and blend out.

Morphe Bridesmaid. In the pan this color is drool worthy, I was so excited to get it and while I like it alright it’s just not everything that I wanted it to be. It’s in the right shade range but it’s a little bit sheer and harder to work with.

Bronx Colors Blue Lavender. Such a strange color name if you ask me, it doesn’t really match because to me lavender is much lighter but that’s what they are calling it. This one is my least favorite of the Bronx colors ones but it is still very nice. It’s a deeper purple shade that ends up looking really nice in the crease or outer v.

Row Four

Makeup Forever Mini. I wish I could tell you which shade this is but I honestly have no idea what this shade is, it’s very pretty and a very nice eyeshadow but I just can’t put my finger on what it is. This eyeshadow is soft and very easy to work with, it’s pigmented and just overall a really great eyeshadow.

Urban Decay Fireball. This is one of their duo chrome formula and I’m happy to have a little mini sample of this one, it’s very pretty, it’s pink with a kind of gold shift to it that makes for an amazing all over lid color. I’m not sure that I would ever use a full size of this up so a mini is more than enough for me. 

Makeup Geek Lime Light. I got this one because it was on sale, it looks like it may have a little bit under filled but I am completely okay with that. This is one of their foiled formulas and they are really great, very sparkly and pigmented, it’s for sure something that is an eyecatcher and even more so in this bright green yellow kind of color.

Bronx Colors Aquamarine. My last one from this brand, a very pretty and true to the name, Aquamarine shade. This is matte, this is very easy to work with and overall I think it’s a pretty good eyeshadow.


Same thing here, we’ll be going through rows but these ones are a lot more distinct. This is my smaller and more ‘travel’ like a palette that I put together, that is why it is pretty boring but let’s just jump into it.

Row One

Urban Decay Sin. I can’t say enough good things about this one, this is easily my all time favorite eyeshadow, I believe this is the second single of it that I’ve had and I really just adore it. It’s very pigmented, very easy to work with and it’s a very true champagne kind of color that honestly goes well with just about any makeup look.

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear. Is an amazing warm toned crease color, sometimes I use it in the outer v but for the most part I use it blended out in the crease for warm looks, it works really well for this. This shadow is buttery and super easy to work with.

Anastasia Pink Champagne. I have such mixed feelings about this one because this one is stunning and looks amazing all over the lid, but it’s a pain to work with and it’s almost impossible for me to get decent payoff using a brush, so I always have

Anastasia Buon Fresco. This is probably the softer shade I’ve tried from Anastasia, it’s not a bad thing but it’s very soft and creamy, which in turn makes it very easy to work with. I also have this in a palette and it is fantastic, the great thing about these shadows are they are consistency between products, which is always a plus in my book.

Row Two

Morphe Gold From 35O. This is the last shadow I have from the 35O and I’m kind of regretting not just keeping the palette because of this eyeshadow alone, sure some of them weren’t great but this gold is amazing. It’s super easy to work with, very pigmented and it’s a very true yellow gold.

Makeup Geek In The Spotlight. Another foiled shadow that I love, this one is kind of a light pinky kind of shade, or more a coral maybe? Either way it’s warm, very pretty and very pigmented. That seems to be the theme with the foiled shadows, they are very pigmented and very easy to get to a full opaque sparkle.

Nyx Duochrome in Voodoo. This is the only NYX single that I own and I kind of want to pick up more because this one is so good, this one reminds me of the duochrome shade in the Wet ‘N Wild Comfort Zone palette, which I believe is a dupe for mac Blue Brown pigment. I don’t think these are exact but it’s really close, I think this just has more of a green shift to it than a blue one.

Makeup Geek in Morocco. I adore this matte orange shade, it looks amazing with so many different warm toned looks and it’s super easy to work with, I find myself often reaching for this when I am going for something warmer as it is very easy to work with.

Row Three

Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma. Yet another color that falls into that light, sparkly and kind of champagne colored eyeshadow. I love Shimma  Shimma though, it has a dent in it to prove that even. I find that you can get a slightly softer look with this one if you use a brush but if you really want to pack on the sparkle, use your finger to apply and it does an amazing job, so this one is pretty versatile while still being easy to use.

Anastasia Warm Taupe. Another one that I have in a palette, but these two are pretty much the same shadow and that is still something that I appreciate because some brands don’t have a product like that like the shades will be completely different in a palette but thus far Anastasia doesn’t seem to have that problem. Anyway, this eyeshadow makes for a really great neutral kind of crease color, even though it says warm I don’t think that it is completly warm toned, I think it leans more to the middle.

Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun. This one is matte, a really pretty soft pinky peach kind of shade that I think works really well in the crease, at least that’s what I’ve use it for so far. I really should play with this one more because it is a very pretty eyeshadow that is amazing, as all makeup geek shadows are.

Makeup Geek Cherry Cola. This is the last eyeshadow, the last one in the pallette and I had to make sure that I had something a little bit darker in this one, so I chose Cherry Cola. This is a really pretty dark matte shade, it’s not red but it’s not really brown either, it’s kind of in the middle of the two and I really like this. I find myself using this mostly for darkening up the outer v or even sometimes using it as eyeliner, but whatever you use it for I’m sure it’ll turn out great.

These are all of the shadows swatched from the purple Z palette, I’m going to list them out from top to bottom, starting with the left photo and then going to the right.

Morphe Lustrous, Makeup Geek Latte, Makeup Geek Blacklight, Makeup Geek Taupe Notch, Makeup Geek Chit Chat, Makeup Geek Peacock, Makeup Geek Petal Pusher, Anastasia Gleam, Makeup Geek Tiki Hut, Morphe Rosewood, Morphe Nature’s Calling and Morphe B.A.M.

Bronx Colors Android Green, Bronx Colors Lavender, Makeup Geek Homecoming, Sugarpill Frostine, Sugarpill Kim Chi, Morphe Bridesmaid, Bronx Colors Blue Lavender, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay Fireball, Makeup Geek Limelight and Bronx Colors Aquamarine.


We’re going to go from top to bottom with this one.

Urban Decay Sin, Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, Anastasia Pink Champagne, Anastasia Buon Fresco, Morphe Gold From 35O, Makeup Geek In The Spotlight, NYX Duochrome in Voodoo, Makeup Geek Morocco, Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma, Anastasia Warm Taupe, Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun and Makeup Geek Cherry Cola.

And those are all of my single eyeshadows and a little bit of what I think about each one, which I hope you guys enjoyed and found helpful.

What are your favorite brands for single shadows?


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