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Review: Stila Huge Mascara

Stila Huge MascaraReview

It’s that time again, time to finally start reviewing some of the many products that I have for review, especially after the recent Ulta, Sephora and 21 Days of Beauty hauls. I’ve had such an increase of products which means so many products to review, probably so many that I can get through the end of the year without ever buying anything else. Alright, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much, I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get through all of the things but then again I never am. I have so many ideas that I wish I could blog 7 days a week but I know that I couldn’t keep that up. Enough of my rambling on and on about things, let’s get into the post for today, which is a review of the Stila Huge Mascara.

20170415_170822.jpgThe Stila Huge Mascara retails for $23.00 and can be found at a few different places, but I picked mine up at Ulta during a sale and am so excited to have this mascara in my possession. I had a sample of this and that was probably the only reason why I felt the need to pick this up, I had the sample and I love the sample but at the same time, me being me, I didn’t want to pay 23 dollars for a mascara. Make that mascara half off and I will jump on it, which is why I have this mascara and am reviewing it for you today.

20170415_171000.jpgThe packaging for this is pretty bland as you can probably see, but it looks like the typical Stila packaging, which is not to say that I don’t like the packaging it’s just nothing particularly exciting.

The mascara wand is a little bit interesting looking, just a tiny bit and really reminds me of the wand from the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which I hate so I guess sometimes the mascara isn’t all about the wand.

20170415_171051.jpgI don’t think you can see exactly how much they look alike but I really think they look almost identical.

Anyway, now onto the formula of this, I really love the formula because it’s not an overly wet formula but it isn’t too dry either, it’s the perfect spot right in the middle where I like it.

I really love this mascara because of how it looks on the lashes, of course, it really volumizes and lengths my eyelashes while not clumping up. It doesn’t separate amazingly but it doesn’t really clump up a lot either, it doesn’t ever give me spider lashes which for me is a huge plus because I’m not into clumpy lashes myself.

This comes in one color, as far as I am aware, and that is black which is fine by me because I really like black mascaras.

Overall, I really like this mascara and would completely recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking for a slightly more expensive mascara that is really lengthening and volumizing, then this one might be for you.


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One thought on “Review: Stila Huge Mascara

  1. I haven’t tried this one or the Too Faced: Better than Sex mascara, but I have tried the Tarte: Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and I loved it! I just ran out of that one so maybe I’ll pick this one up and give it a try!

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