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What’s In My Purse?

What's In My Purse-

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there! I’ve decided to do this in honor of my own mother who I now live five states away from, she has a junky purse full of who knows what and I just feel like this is somewhat fitting of a post to make today.


I love posts like these because I am such a nosy person and I really loving finding out what kinds of things other people tote around on their person from day to day, seeing what each person considers important or sometimes even how much of a dumpster a bag can be. So, that’s why I’ve settled on doing this because I enjoy it and I assume others do as well. I know I’ve shared the contents of my bag before, just never on this blog and I’m honestly not sure if the other blogs I’ve had still exist so I have no way of sharing past ones. Let’s just jump in and consider this one the first.

As you can see, this is my bag, it’s small, brown and crossbody just like I like them to be. Seriously, all of my bags over the past four years have pretty much looked like this, it just matches with everything and makes it easier. I like this one because it has a bunch of pockets and places I can tuck things, along with an easily accessible way to grab my phone when I’m not wearing pants or shorts with pockets, which for someone like me is always a great thing since my phone is a very important thing and something I’m frequently reaching for.

20170511_164548.jpgLet’s just jump on into the bulk of what I carry in my bag, which you can see to the right. I carry a pair of ear buds because who knows when you’ll need a pair, I currently have about twenty mints from Olive Garden when I went the other day, my wallet which is the most important thing in my bag, a little pill carrier in case of headaches or stomach aches mostly, a pair of prescription sunglasses and lastly my little notebook that I write grocery lists in mostly.

20170511_164733.jpgAnd now for everything else in my bag, which ist honestly mostly lip products because I find myself hoarding them more and more. What ends up happening is I wear one and shove it in my bag to take to work with me and then I never remove it until my bag is overflowing or I’m searching for something, because at this point this is pretty much where all of my lip products go to die. I also carry blotting sheets and a mini perfume, neither of which I use very often.

My bag is pretty clean usually and I don’t really carry a whole lot of things with me, just the things that I feel like I need and copious amounts of lipstick.

How may lip products do you guys currently have in your purse?


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