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Battle: Benefit vs. Essence

Battle- BenefitVs. Essence

I am back with another battle! I’m doing at least one a month now until I can’t come up with anything or I’ve tested all of the dupes out, which I do not think is possible, so I’ll probably be doing these forever. Let’s take a jump back to last month first, just in case you missed it and were curious about the last battle. Now, to this month, I am battling two eyebrow products, the Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara is Soft Browny Brows ($2.99) and the Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in 3 Medium ($24.00). There is a big difference in price here, so if these are dupes then it’s going to be really great because that’s $21 difference. Let’s jump on into this battle!

Just because I’m curious if anyone can really tell the difference, which one do you guys think is which?

I’m going to hope you comment below before reading this because now I’m going to jump into the review, starting with the more expensive of the two, which is the Benefit Gimme Brow in the shade 3 medium and I have applied it on my left eyebrow, which for you looking at the photo is the right side. Neither of these products has very many colors to choose from, this one has only three and I chose the middle shade just because it made sense to me. My natural brows aren’t super dark but they aren’t really light either, they are medium, at least I would think so. I think this is a little bit darker than I expected as it’s a bit too dark for my eyebrows, I mean I think I could get away with it but I’m not sure that it’s the softer color that I’m used to, so it’s a little out there for me.

On to the cheaper of the two, the Essence Make Me Brow in the shade Soft Browny Brows, which I have applied on my right eyebrow which for you looking at the photo is the left side. This one doesn’t have many colors to chose from either, it also has three shades and in this one I chose the third shade, which I don’t actually think is the darkest shade of the three but instead exactly the shade that I want for my brows. This is a really great middle of the road, soft brown kind of shade that works perfectly for me.

Now, let’s talk about the color comparison of these two products, they are not dupes for sure and I think you can tell that by looking at the photos above. The Benefit one is clearly a darker shade than the Essence one. I don’t think that the color is the most important part when talking about being dupes with this one, but I think it is something worth noting. There might be dupes between these two products color wise but it just doesn’t happen to be the two shades that I chose.

Now, when it comes to the formula I think these two products are dupes, these two have a really similar feel to them. They aren’t super thick but they aren’t thin, the consistency is very much what you would expect from brow mascaras. These both have about the same lasting power, if I’m being completely honest I think the Benefit one does last a little bit longer than the Essence one, but I’m not sure that really makes it worth it because it’s a barely noticeable difference.

Let’s talk about the wands, which I should have taken pictures next to side by side but as usual, I forgot, so those get added to the list of things that I’ve forgotten until last minute. Anyway, the wands are not exactly the same but they are close enough, I think the Benefit one is a little smaller and a little bit more of a point, but to me, it’s also splitting hairs a little bit because both are super easy to use.

So, if you ask me I think these two are dupes, I don’t think the colors are identical but once again that may just be the choices I made, some of the other shades might line up better. I think the Benefit one lasts a tiny bit longer but they both hold up a ridiculously long time that I think it is safe to say that these two are dupes.

What are your favorite eyebrow products?


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