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Makeup Collection 2017

Makeup Collection2017

I’ve decided to do something I haven’t done before, and if I have it has been a long while, and that is share my makeup collection and storage with you. I just recently got new storage as I outgrew what I was using before and I organized it recently too because of that, so I figured I would share this while it’s still organized and looks really clean. Let’s get into looking at it.


This is what I’ve been using, it’s a really basic six drawer storage system that I got from amazon because I was too impatient to wait until I got to Target, but I’m sure you could pick something like this up at a number of places.  If you’re interested in this exact one from amazon click here.

This isn’t the most attractive but I didn’t really have a lot of space so I didn’t want to get something fancy or better looking because of not having space for it, I don’t plan on keeping this storage forever but while we live in an apartment I think this is perfect. Now, let’s take a peek into the drawers.

We’re going to go left to right, as you would probably assume, the far left is the top drawer and that is where I keep all of my lip products. I have them organized by type, liquid lipsticks, lipsticks and lip glosses. The frost is mostly lip balms and treatments, along with a few things that just didn’t fit in the other three.

The middle is the second drawer, that’s where I keep all of my base makeup. I keep foundations, primers and concealers separate. I also have a new foundation in the front, as you can probably see, that’s something I’m trying out still so that’s why it’s there.

The far right photo is the third drawer, of course, and it’s probably one of my favorite drawers. These are all of my cheek products, I have them sorted and organized. I have a couple palettes on the far left, then blushes in the big one, stick and liquids in the skinny one and all of my highlighters and bronzers in the front. It works pretty well, just a little hard to see the ones in the back. The drawers do come out though, so that’s a bonus.

The far left photo is the fourth drawer and it’s the only empty drawer I had, so I decided to use it for sprays as I have been picking up quite a few sprays as of recently. I have a good mix of products in there and right now it’s still my most empty drawer.

The middle photo is the fifth drawer and I’ve dedicated this one to my eyes, these are a bunch of loose eye products and things. The big one is a mix of things, mostly eyeshadows I believe, but that includes pigments, single eyeshadows, eyeshadow primers and liquid eyeshadows. The right skinny one is all mascaras and the one at the bottom is all eyeliners and brows.

The far right is the sixth drawer and the bottom one, this one is just completely for my extra palettes. I have some of my palettes in a drawer in the desk where I get ready, but fitting them all in that drawer with the other things in there is hard, so these are just all of the extra ones that I didn’t feel like I used all of the time.


These are the last parts of my storage and these are the two drawers that I use on the desk. The one on the left is where I store my brushes, eyeshadow palettes I use a lot and my little desktop mirror. The right is the long skinny drawer where I leave all of the things that I use frequently in, these are things I’ve been using almost every time that I do my makeup and there’s the empty container. I use that container to carry things from the storage that I’m using to the desk, these are things that I don’t let live in my drawer, these are things that I switch around a lot.

And that is my makeup collection, it’s not the best but it works for now and once we’re out of the apartment I’m hoping for a much more proper set up that doesn’t require so much movement to get from one to the other.

What do you guys use as storage?


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