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April 2017 Nail Wrap Up


April 2017 Nail Wrap Up

This is the last of my monthly posts for April and this is the newest series to my blog, at least I think it is. Last month I started showing off all the nail polish that I wore that month and I’ve decided to make this a monthly thing for sure, so since it’s the start of a new month I figured it was time to show off what I wore in April.

April was a bit disappointing in terms of nail polish wear, I have been a bit lazy and just haven’t worn as many this month but I’m hoping to get a little bit back on track to wearing all of the nail polish again, especially after picking up a few new ones recently.  Anyway, let’s jump into this really short blog about sharing nail polish.


First up is this really beautiful blue shade of nail polish, this it the OPI Infinite Shine in I Believe In Manicures. I picked this one up at Tjmaxx and am super glad that I did, it lasts really well on the nails and it’s really shiny, I love it and am happy to have it in my collection.


Up next is the China Glaze Moment In The Sunset, this is another newer one to me, I actually hauled this one in my giant Ulta Haul I posted just a little bit ago. This color is gorgeous and a really fun color for the spring and summer time, I can for sure see myself putting this on again over the summer time.


 And this is the last nail polish I wore this month, this was actually two different ones, both from China Glaze. The minty base is called Highlight Of My Summer and the silver glitter is called Diamond in the Rough. I bought these two recently, didn’t haul them but I did get them together partly because they were on sale and partly because I thought they would look good together, I am a little disappointed I could get the silver glitter to show up well on it’s own.

And those are all of the nail colors that I wore in April, a lot less than I did last month, only three this month but hopefully, I’ll be painting a little bit more during the month of May. So far I’m not, but that doesn’t mean anything.

What colors have you guys been rocking recently?


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