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Review: Urban Decay Electric Palette

It is time for another review post, and yet again it’s going to be an eyeshadow palette, I just have a thing for makeup and a thing for eyeshadow palettes, meaning I keep buying them even though I already have more than enough to last me forever. Or really close to forever. But, that is not the point, the point is that today I will be reviewing the Urban Decay Electric Palette, which I think is a super fun palette and is one that I’ve had for long enough to be able to properly review it, I also want to make sure that you guys know that as far as I am aware this palette is no longer for sale anywhere. So, let’s jump right on into this palette.

20170413_163236.jpg I want to start this out by talking about the packaging, which is really quite fun and I think suits the contents really well, it’s bright and bold just like the eyeshadows in this palette. Now, something else I want to note about the packaging is that I feel that it is very bulky, I think it is thicker than it needs to be which makes it bigger and bulkier than it should be. I do think that the packaging feels very sturdy and nice quality, but it’s just too bulky I think. Overall, I like the packaging I just wish it were a bit slimmer and more streamlined as I usually feel about most palettes.

Now, I just want to jump right on into talking about each individual color in this fun and bright palette. Starting with the first color, the only kind of neutral color in this palette, Revolt. This is easily the worst shade in this entire thing. The color of this is silver and should be a fun addition, but it’s terrible pigmentation and takes a lot of work for me to build this up to have any pay off, I also don’t find this super easy to mix in with the other colors so I don’t really understand why this one is here. It just seems out of place to me.

20170413_163256.jpgGonzo. I love the name of this one so much because of the Muppets, of course, therefore this color must also be awesome, and it actually really is. This is a very bright, true blue shade that is fairly pigmented and really easy to work with. It doesn’t kick up a whole lot of powder and is quite pigmented, but can also blend out pretty nicely. I like using this in the crease a lot, as weird as that might be but I think it does pretty well there.

Slowburn. Is a color that is marked as not eye safe, so be aware of that if you decide to wear it around your eyes. Because of that, I have tried this one as a blush and with a really light hand, I think this is really pretty as a blush, just watch out because it can get a bit out of control. This is very pigmented, a little bit powdery and a very bright red-orange kind of color that I think is gorgeous. I haven’t played with this one around the eyes yet though, so I can’t vouch for how well it works there.

Savage. This is another that is marked as not eye safe, so just be aware of that if you decide to wear it around your eyes, it is not eye safe. I personally have used this shade around my eyes, I enjoyed it. I think this is a really pretty, bright true hot pink shade and it shows up on the skin exactly that way. This one would also probably make a really pretty blush with a light hand I think, I haven’t tried it out though.

Fringe. Is the last eyeshadow on the top row and it’s a beautiful color, it’s a really pretty mid toned kind of teal color with a lot of shimmers, which is stunning. I have used this color and it’s a really nice eyeshadow, it’s really pigmented and really buttery soft, I really like the finish of this but then again Urban Decay shimmers are pretty much always good.

20170413_163440.jpgChaos. Is another blue shade, it’s a really pretty bright blue that is deeper than Gonzo and leans the tiniest bit to the purple side. This one is a little more on the sheer side, it’s not quite as pigmented but it is still nice.

Jilted. This is another one that is not considered eye safe, so be aware of that. Is a purple shimmer, this one is a lighter but it’s a bright shade of purple still, it’s almost magenta but it’s not quite there. This is really smooth, as all shimmers are pretty much and it’s really easy to work with. I like it.

Urban. Is yet another that is not considered eye safe, this is the last one in this palette that isn’t eye safe so be aware of that when you get this palette. I have used this on my eyes and I actually had a little bit of staining the first time that I used it but it was completely alright the second time, so I’m not sure how that one works entirely. I like the shade of this one, it’s a really true purple and a shimmer. The formula of this one is so buttery and I just love the formula of it, aside from the staining problem it’s a really good shadow.

Freak. Is probably my favorite color in this entire palette, it’s a really pretty mint green shimmer eyeshadow that when sheered out looks kind of blue but when it’s built up for sure looks mint green, it’s really cool and interesting and it is for sure the color that I’ve used the most so far. This is also a shimmer finish and like all of the other shimmer shades it’s really buttery, not that powdery and it’s the best shade in this one. I wish they sold it separatly.

Thrash. Is the last shade and possibly the brightest shade in this palette, it reminds me of a highlighter and I actually really like that, even though I’ve only used this once so far. I don’t think this one is matte or shimmer, it’s kind of somewhere in between which I guess means it’s a satin finish. This is really buttery, a little bit powdery and so pigmented and bright, it’s a really fun color.

So, overall I really like this palette and am so glad that I picked this up because it’s such a fun addition to my collection and a really easy way to add some color into my eyeshadow, or even do a full colorful eyeshadow look. I think there are a couple shades in here that are a little bit of duds but overall this is  a great palette, very pigmented and super easy to work with.

Have you guys tried this? If you, what do you think of it?


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