Products I Regret 2017 #1

April 2017

I had another post scheduled for today but I realized I had no photos for, so I shifted the plans for today and went with another post that I had ready to go but just haven’t scheduled yet. So, let’s get into talking about a few products that I regret purchasing. So let’s just jump on into it and talk about some things that I don’t like.




NYX Retractable Liner in Purple and Aqua Green. I’m gonna lump these two together because I have the same problems with these, they just don’t work well. When I swatched these they looked really fun and brightly colored but no matter how I applied it, it just didn’t show up well, unless I pressed really hard but that hurt and I didn’t want to do that. So these just didn’t work for me.

Tarte Tarteist Clay Pain Eyeliner. I liked this a ton at first and I still kind of like it, but the way you get product from this one is really awful, it’s a pain and it becomes harder the more you use it. I think the product itself is nice though, it’s really easy to apply and it’s really dark but the packaging just ruins this product for me.

J. Cat Beauty Love Struck Blush in Sweet Pea Pink. This was something I had to have and it was alright, it was pigmented but it was really quite powdery and just didn’t really last long on the skin, so it wasn’t great, granted it wasn’t the worst either but I just wished I hadn’t picked it up.

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip in Nude Thrill. I hate this, like truly hate this product, it smells awful and the product doesn’t really last well or look particularly good on the lips. I just wished I didn’t pick this up and I really don’t think anyone would like these, at least I can’t see why as the smell alone is enough to keep me far away.

Essence Eyeliner Pen. I still own this and maybe I’ll give this another try and see if I can work with it, but as of right now this just doesn’t work for me. I know so many people seem to love this product but I find it really hard to work with and I just don’t like to use product that I find hard to use, so this one isn’t for me.

I feel like this was a really short and quick post, but I don’t often buy products that I don’t like or that I regret purchasing because I typically research products before I purchase them so I don’t end up having a bunch of products laying around the I don’t like or don’t use.

What are some products that you guys regret buying?


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