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March 2017 Nail Wrap Up

April 2017

This post is something new that I haven’t done before but is something that I’m thinking about starting to do at the beginning of each month, we’ll see how it goes. I really love nail polish and painting my nails, I am not the best ever at it but I do change my nails frequently and I post every Monday on my Instagram a #manimonday photo. But, I figured if I made a post about it here it would be nice to see all the colors I was wearing for a month, plus I could talk a little bit about each one. The other reason I’ve decided to do this is because I’m trying to go through and use all of the nail polish that I own to see if I like everything, I’m both a hoarder and someone who is constantly trying to get rid of things. But anyway, let’s get chatting about nail polish.


I started this month out with the Wet ‘N Wild Megalast in Wear Skinny Jeans. This was a limited edition color and I’m so sad that it is because this is easily one of my favorite nail colors, it just looks so nice and is such a beautiful shade. This also applies like a dream, as most of the wet n wild megalast polishes do, I think it’s all in the brush because they make fantastic brushes. Overall, I love this polish.


Up next is the Wet ‘N Wild Meglast Gel in Pretty Peas which is super pretty, it’s not quite as good in terms of formula as the one above this one, but it’s still really nice and I like the soft minty color of it. This one lasts really well too, which is a nice plus.


Up next is a Zoya polish, this is the Zoya Nail Polish in Leslie which is another one of my all time favorite shades. I’m really favorable of Zoya and I love this color, you can’t see it here but there is a slight blue shift to this one and it’s just beautiful. I call this color my unicorn nails every time I wear it because it really makes me think of unicorns, which I love.


This one is the Wet ‘N Wild Megalast in the shade Peri-Wink-Le Of An Eye, this was really a pretty colored polish, really similar to the first polish that I wore in this post, which I don’t mind because I like the color but I didn’t even notice until I started writing this post. Thos has an excellent formula, it lasted quite a while for me when it comes to nail polish on my fingers and I was pretty impressed.


And this one is a combination of products, this is the Wet ‘N Wild Megalast Lay Out In Lavender with the Wet ‘N Wild Meglast in R U Free 2 Dance? over top. I like this color a lot, it’s a favorite of mine, that light lavender kind of color if you couldn’t tell already. I also like the top coat, it added just a little bit of shimmer but it wasn’t too much either. I really enjoyed this combo.


The last polish I wore in March was this shade, which is the Butter London Polish in Brill. I did not like this polish, the formula wasn’t the greatest on it but the part that I really didn’t like was the shade, which is no one’s fault but my own. This is a light peachy pink that just didn’t look great on my skin tone, so I ended up passing this bottle along to a family member.

And that is all of the nail polish that I’ve worn this month and apparently, I’ve really had a thing for Wet ‘N Wild polish this month. Which isn’t a huge surprise to me because overall their megalast polish line is actually really good, I find myself enjoying more than not. I dunno if I have much more to go through for next month, though, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

So, tell me, did you enjoy seeing all of the nail colors I’ve been wearing for the past month?


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