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Review: Nars Blush in Dolce Vita






wp-1483801648986.jpgThis review is one that I’m really excited about and have been putting off for way too long as I am behind on all of my reviews, I just find myself buying new products at a volume that is quicker than I can talk about them here, which is probably a problem but it’s a problem that I enjoy. Because of that, this is something that I’ve had for about three months now, in fact, this was one of my first purchases of the year, it was in my first order of the year but because I ordered a couple other things it can’t be considered my first purchase I think.

wp-1483801652602.jpgI’ve always heard such good things about Nars and I really wanted to try some things from them, so I started small with just a blush and I am glad that I did. I feel like Nars as a brand just feels like a luxury to me, this is coming from my extensive knowledge of only owning two products now, but it just feels luxurious to me. The packaging is sleek, matte and black with the simple Nars logo in white on the front, as you can see above here. I just really love the packaging on this, it’s just really nice and feels really quite sturdy.


wp-1483801655936.jpgThis color is seriously so gorgeous, I am in love with this product as a whole but the color really does it for me. This is such a lovely berry mauve kind of shade, it looks so nice with just a light hand in terms of application. It’s just a really lovely flush of color that is especially great for the winter time, which was when I picked this one up, but I also can see myself wearing this so many other seasons because of it being such a pretty neutral color. Then again I don’t typically follow rules of when you’re supposed to wear certain colors, I just wear whatever makeup I’m feeling like that morning.

wp-1483801660922.jpgThe texture of this is so nice, it’s very soft and feels very finely milled, so it’s not too powdery while still being soft. The pigmentation of this is also really nice, it’s not too much but it’s also not too little, it shows up and with a lighter hand it looks like a fairly natural flush on the cheeks and that is something that I really appreciate in a blush. Something that looks really good but is easy to use while still able to build up color, really it’s kind of like the best of everything. And that’s something that I can really get behind, something that has a little bit of everything to it.

Overall, I really like this blush and could see myself picking up more Nars products in the future, because so far everything I’ve gotten has been really nice. What are some of your favorites?


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