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Top Ten Lush Products!

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This is something that probably changes frequently, some things are always on the list but sometimes they move around and some things get kicked off for a while and replaced, but these are the products that I have been loving so much recently. So, let’s get into counting down my favorite products of the moment from Lush.

10. Celebrate Hand and Body Lotion. I’m so sad that they didn’t bring the back this past Christmas, especially now that I live in a cooler climate because this lotion is fantastic. This isn’t something that I find myself using all the time, due to it being a very thick lotion, but when I do it’s so moisturizing and smells amazing. I wish it were a year round product.

9.  Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. This is something that I don’t get that often, mostly because I am cheap and this is a bit on the pricey side, but when I do I thoroughly enjoy it. This has been something that has been on my mind a lot recently because I really want to pick up a new pot of this just haven’t gotten around to it. I use this mostly on my legs, sometimes my body and never on my face, but I love it to use before or after shaving because it leaves my skin feeling insanely soft.

8. Whoosh Shower Jelly. This is the first shower jelly that I ever tried, I thought it was such a strange product but I’m really glad that I tried out shower jellies because now they are some of my favorite products ever, I have two that will be on this list even. This one is a great way to start the morning, it’s very bright and refreshing I think, so that is a great way to start the day.

7. Santa Baby Lip Scrub. I believe this is my third year with this lip scrub and it’s honestly the only one I buy from Lush, I love the way it smells and tastes along with the fact that it works really well. I end up buying one to two during the holiday season and use them throughout the year so once they are used up or expired I can usually pick another one up for the following year. I just love this one so much that I haven’t ventured out of using this one yet.

6. Iced Wine Shower Jelly. This is one that I haven’t had in a while but really need to hunt down another pot of, either that or the kitchen really needs to roll this one out again so I can purchase a pot or two of this jelly. This one smells amazing, it has a bit of a boozy bite to it while also still being fruity and smelling a bit clean, it’s a very strange scent I think but it’s something that I really love.

 5. Calacas Shower Jelly. This is another kitchen only product that I don’t understand why they don’t roll out in stores anymore because this is well loved and there is a reason why. This smells like lime candies, it’s amazing, it sweet while also having a little bit of a tang to it and very strong lime scent. The lasting power on the skin with this one is really impressive and I just want and a never ending supply of this scent in all product. Lush, bring out more Calacas.

4. Brightside Bubble BarThis may have been my first bubble bar and it is still my favorite bubble bar easily, it’s just the best. I am a known lover of all things citrus and this is exactly what this one is, it’s very orangey but it’s also soft and kind of creamy. I love this bubble bar because it’s beautiful, it’s huge and it smells amazing, it can easily be mixed with so many other products and just go so well so that’s why I love this one and still always have one of these on hand.

3. Red Fun. I feel like fun is such an overlooked product when it might be one of the coolest products lush has. Not only is it very fun, it’s versatile and supports a good cause. This product can be used as bubble bath, laundry detergent, shave cream, to wash yourself off or even as a shampoo. I’m sure there are a bunch more uses for this that I’m unaware of but these are the ones that I know. I use this for shaving and it does an excellent job, because of the color I can see what I have and haven’t done and it leaves my legs feeling so ridiculously soft, plus a bar of this as shaving cream lasts for so long. And this scent is just so good. Overall this is a fantastic product and I don’t think I can say enough good things about this one.

2. Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser. I haven’t had a pot of this in a minute now, but I always go back to this product because I just adore it. This can be used on the face and body, I’ve never used it on the body but always the face and it does wonders for my skin. This has a tiny bit of an exfoliant in it I think, nothing crazy because I can use it every single day without any irritation, and it smells amazing. Seriously, this smells like buttery, amazing baked goods. This makes my skin so soft and keeps my skin clear, I probably really need to pick up a pot of this now that I’m thinking about it.

1. Northern Lights Bath Bomb. This one is a bit strange for me because I am also a known hater of florals but this is nothing but floral, in fact, it is a very strong floral but still this is probably my favorite Lush product ever. I have at least 6 of these currently that I am hoarding and using slowly, I know for sure that the next time they have these for sale I will probably pick up at least 10 because I go through these like crazy. I love everything about this bath bomb, it is gorgeous in the bath tub, smells amazing, is very moisturizing and the scent lingers on my skin for such a long time. This smells heavily of Jasmine but it doesn’t smell perfumey at all to me, it smells very fresh and I just love it. I feel like I could go on for way too long about this bath bomb so I’m going to stop myself here.

And that was my Top Ten Favorite Lush Products. If you guys liked this let me know and maybe I’ll do an updated one sometime in the future, or something like my top ten favorite bath products, shower products and so on. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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